21st Friday: Review: #RaiseTheWhy

0946, 1010, 1011 We enter the weeks of Growth of the Masculine… there is set to be a windfall… what you’ve given … what you’ve dreamed… what you’ve always wanted is now “OPEN” and waiting for you to ASK for it to appear. We step into the next phase… we’re close to closing the month…Read more 21st Friday: Review: #RaiseTheWhy


The LiGhT way of LiFe

I am so grateful for the #Fact that I am here now… Alive… and Willing to leap in Faith. There is so much happening that we have no physical clue about… yet, I can tell that there is a rapid “expansion” that is occurring because of every “Prayer” that has ever been prayed. I can…Read more The LiGhT way of LiFe

Faith is How! So, #RaiseTheWhy

0513, 0525, 0625, 717 We”needs”Day … Faith.Us.Faith! There are wounds that you carry… emotional wounds, that are inscribed in your mind… and impact your heart. These emotions are so deep, that it is part of your “by default” settings. The older the wound… the deeper the root… and the deepest healing! A lot of that…Read more Faith is How! So, #RaiseTheWhy

The Masculine and Feminine Purpose

0803 858 We are here … on Purpose…. The purpose is to continue to find ways to allow the Masculine & Feminine to come.union for the purpose of Evolution. And so… it is critical… at some point to MATCH Emotion with the Physical and the Physical with Emotion. It is now, clear, that when we…Read more The Masculine and Feminine Purpose

A good confession is PRICELESS

222, 223, 226, 227, 0602… and this is it… the Protocol Changes… and so shall YOU! Pentecost Sunday… a huge release of “Choice” … Of Heart, Of Mind, Of Body and today… Of Soul. There is a huge emphasis on Communication and Reconciliation… Today we have two influences 2 (He.Power/Physical.Destiny/Masculine) 1 (She.Gratitude/Emotion.DNA/Feminine) = 3 (Faith.Us)…Read more A good confession is PRICELESS

The Power of “My Mind”: LiGhT changes LiFe changes

0601, 646, 710,717, 0722, 744 She summons the “Beginning” of Tangibles. He has been waiting for her to “ASK”, that He may be.come ALL that she has ever dreamed, ever wished, ever wanted. The Masculine… embraces the “In.Tangible”… that which the womb has prepared 4.ALL creation to RECEIVE… and Sea.It.Is See.It.Is. Friday “My Heart” Saturday…Read more The Power of “My Mind”: LiGhT changes LiFe changes

Be still and know “You Our My”

0729, 744, 755, 822, It will eventually heal. For all that My Heart sees… is a flash back… of … the healing process. All My Heart feels is “surprised”! Masculine… the re.emerge.In’s is raising “leftovers” of “Thought.Emotion.Action”… this is the path of healing… 959 … (Choice.Faith.Choice) … “My Heart” activation for “ My LiFe” is…Read more Be still and know “You Our My”