Professional and Personal expansions and anchoring

A 9 day like today is a gift you don’t want to miss, especially when, She.Gratitude Presence of Choice.Power IN Love to every heart on the planet. Today She speaks about the Personal & Professional story and How to separate.action over separation. Let me tell you the story of the 6 of Us. When Eternal…Read more Professional and Personal expansions and anchoring


You are HERE and I am Now.Here

She is us, here on Earth, to remember her Presence withIn and ASK the Presence withIN to make the way with.out. It is time to Summon the Power of Choice to manifest into your L.i.F.e experience and evidence are the expansions of the expression PROOF! Remember, it is famously spoken “the proof is IN…Read more You are HERE and I am Now.Here

The Kingdom of Eternal G.o.d…

… On Earth As It | Is in Heaven! Love is How! She.Gratitude Faith see Manifest. The experience of this insight and the Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace I felt … cannot explain the experience… someday, when you and I meet… we shall… I hope to be telling you the story of Us in a way, that you’ll see…Read more The Kingdom of Eternal G.o.d…

Her Choice His Presence and the No.1

Say Hello to the Knew Vibration of the No.1 … represented by 01 :Eternal Spiritual.Heart.Expansion 10: Sacred.Heart.Experience 19: Her.Choice 28: His Experience! This is how the numbers begin to vibrate at the Frequency of Power.Gratitude! Power.Gratitude the Masculine.Feminine restoration has begun, there is nothing that is not changing, some closures of old prayers and a…Read more Her Choice His Presence and the No.1

Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

Recognising the role of the Masculine and acknowledging the Feminine is the key to receiving the blessings of today and begin receiving the expansions of Power.Gratitude, beginnings with the New.Moon on Monday. This is significant for many reasons. Yesterday, Friday, the 15th, the Womb Spoke… and in prayer, the Crucifixion of History, SHE chose to…Read more Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

Energy Upgrades and Updates

Focus on Breath and Birth … Be.Leave the REST to ME! The beauty of the blessing we can CHOOSE to RECEIVE if we Be.Leave the need to control that which is outside of Us. She is setting the foundation of the and you are given a perfect opportunity to review your perspective and choices.…Read more Energy Upgrades and Updates

Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!

The Second day of the month, its all about Heart.Expression of Eternal Gratitude and Power Gratitude. Thoughts become Tangible. Love is the KEY to MANIFEST all THINGS of Eternal Gratitude beginnings. Opportunity: Op.Port.Unity… and option to port your Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion Unity or Come-Union with the WORD and the thought expansions of it. Every WORD is GoD…Read more Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!