Signing off on the year of Knew.Endings… so much to Thank for

Today is the day to step back and acknowledge the year 2017 and all its breakdowns and breakthroughs… there are moments to remember and keep sacred there have been moments of releasing the scarred parts … the return of Darkness to the helm of Womb Affairs… The reconciliation of Thought.Emotion.Action, the raising of Gratitude.of.Darkness. The…Read more Signing off on the year of Knew.Endings… so much to Thank for


Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

Recognising the role of the Masculine and acknowledging the Feminine is the key to receiving the blessings of today and begin receiving the expansions of Power.Gratitude, beginnings with the New.Moon on Monday. This is significant for many reasons. Yesterday, Friday, the 15th, the Womb Spoke… and in prayer, the Crucifixion of History, SHE chose to…Read more Union of Power.Gratitude in Prayer!

Energy Upgrades and Updates

Focus on Breath and Birth … Be.Leave the REST to ME! The beauty of the blessing we can CHOOSE to RECEIVE if we Be.Leave the need to control that which is outside of Us. She is setting the foundation of the and you are given a perfect opportunity to review your perspective and choices.…Read more Energy Upgrades and Updates

I am He, I am Her and I am Here!

What a fascinating day and date and what a wonder-fueled download of energy. There are two extremes in play, them who have taken time to embrace their darkness and meet the light within and others who are still choosing to fear the darkness and are blinded, pained, feeling like they have been let down, depression…Read more I am He, I am Her and I am Here!

Expansion of Purpose… begins with Experiencing Synchronicity!

The purpose of every heart is to discover LOVE in all experiences and for all that you love, becomes prays/praise (PresenceRaise). When you discover LOVE you will begin to feel the natural follow through, Gratitude… and if you can stay in Gratitude long enough… you begin living a story of one Love, one gratitude at…Read more Expansion of Purpose… begins with Experiencing Synchronicity!

Let the Tangible BEGIN!

You have SPENT enough Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion on creating the Foundation for a tomorrow you were never promised. You have invested well in TRUST, that there is SOME-ONE who is watching over you. Some-ONE who is going to SEE you through the experiments on Earth to the Heart of Being Eternal. It is time, to understand, that…Read more Let the Tangible BEGIN!

And “Words” are made flesh and dwell amongst #Us

Raise Heart and realise… the world which you have called into your EXPERIENCE is an Expression and Expansion of the WORDS you have used ever so often… in the flesh… for real… and look at what you’ve created… does this please you… as a creator? Sometimes, the harsh reality and the most honest Heart Conversation…Read more And “Words” are made flesh and dwell amongst #Us