The Trinity of Things is here… Embrace… Your.Self!

Thought Prays Be. 4 Things of Praise Things are here on PURPOSE their PURPOSE is YOU! Every.THING you seeK is a THOUGHT you Once Chose to SPEAK OUT   She.Love.Eternal.Earth.Presence is the essence of Emotion Physical Read that again…   SLEEP is the essence of Emotion choosing Physical Sleep is the process of Internal.Eyes.In.G/Internalising that…Read more The Trinity of Things is here… Embrace… Your.Self!


Expansion of Purpose… begins with Experiencing Synchronicity!

The purpose of every heart is to discover LOVE in all experiences and for all that you love, becomes prays/praise (PresenceRaise). When you discover LOVE you will begin to feel the natural follow through, Gratitude… and if you can stay in Gratitude long enough… you begin living a story of one Love, one gratitude at…Read more Expansion of Purpose… begins with Experiencing Synchronicity!

Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!

The Second day of the month, its all about Heart.Expression of Eternal Gratitude and Power Gratitude. Thoughts become Tangible. Love is the KEY to MANIFEST all THINGS of Eternal Gratitude beginnings. Opportunity: Op.Port.Unity… and option to port your Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion Unity or Come-Union with the WORD and the thought expansions of it. Every WORD is GoD…Read more Expansions are “Opportunities” in Disguise!

Let the Tangible BEGIN!

You have SPENT enough Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion on creating the Foundation for a tomorrow you were never promised. You have invested well in TRUST, that there is SOME-ONE who is watching over you. Some-ONE who is going to SEE you through the experiments on Earth to the Heart of Being Eternal. It is time, to understand, that…Read more Let the Tangible BEGIN!

What are Priorities?

Prior-I-Ties… are the soul choices made and stored in your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul, this subtle energy is Feminine energy! Ever felt your HEART push for a certain action… that it feels so inspired that it does not tire you? Ever noticed there are things that you do, that drain you? Ever noticed that there is a very…Read more What are Priorities?

Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

The reason, why there are DIFFERENCES coming up is to make you aware of the subtle effects of the EFFECTS of other people’s choices that effect your energy. Especially, those of who you Expect.Action as promised or as spoken. It is also the time to understand that most of your experiences on Earth are polarised…Read more Deep Impressions… of Polarity!