What are Priorities?

Prior-I-Ties… are the soul choices made and stored in your Heart.Body.Mind.Soul, this subtle energy is Feminine energy! Ever felt your HEART push for a certain action… that it feels so inspired that it does not tire you? Ever noticed there are things that you do, that drain you? Ever noticed that there is a very…Read more What are Priorities?


Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

The reason, why there are DIFFERENCES coming up is to make you aware of the subtle effects of the EFFECTS of other people’s choices that effect your energy. Especially, those of who you Expect.Action as promised or as spoken. It is also the time to understand that most of your experiences on Earth are polarised…Read more Deep Impressions… of Polarity!

Days of Darkness … are days to Sow.It.Is

These days, beginning today 10th of October to the 19th of October… are the days of the first wave of transition or transit.action. You are called to change your perspective about Darkness… embrace Darkness for HER eternal beginnings, for her being the womb, for her being the Prime Feminine of whom Eternal has brought forth…Read more Days of Darkness … are days to Sow.It.Is

Power embraces Ego into Love!

So, the whole day, has been a pandoras box of emotion. The Ego is the Fruit of Pause in Union with Power! Revelations of Masculine and Feminine returning into their “SELF” is the reason of the emotional chaos on Earth. You need to understand, that as part of the transition, the Masculine and Feminine energies…Read more Power embraces Ego into Love!

Declaration of Dominion

Gratitude is Us, remember who you are and that your GRATITUDE is the DOOR to “Unfoldment” of the NOW energies of Revelation and Reveal.Actions this month. Full moon, emotions are activated and energised… it is time say “good-bye” to another set of emotions, really, say “Good-BYE” to CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. You are done with it, the…Read more Declaration of Dominion

See the Human.Evidence Of Heart.Expression!

Spiritual.Heart.Expansions, Sacred.Heart.Experiences,  Darkness, Faith! Decision is Made? Direction is Given, now it is your CHOICE to flow or follow. When English be-came the language, the beginnings of any language… are the beginnings of a new expansion of expression or evidence of experience. Language is an ANCHOR to the beginnings of its origin of harnessing the…Read more See the Human.Evidence Of Heart.Expression!

From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations

From Eternal Presence Being Us Choice to Eternal Presence Eternal Power! HerE is a new energy a now energy and HERE is where you ARE! Her.Energy is WHO you are… and HOW you are going to transition through the Choices.Changes and Changes of Choice! Remember, YOU are calling forth the “Sow” or Spirit.Of.Wisdom, to be…Read more From Being Us to BeComing Us! Revelations