Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions

It is clearer as we shift from Emotion.DNA of this month to the Physical.Destiny or the Perceptions we’ve held on to for too long… are going to be re.structured… for the purpose of making space for THY Presence energies to be.come the natural choice. This is a clear indication that Love is and…Read more Physical.Destiny of Perspectives and Perceptions


Gratitude RECEIVES Emotion.DNA of Physical.Destiny….

… that whomsoever, believeth in LOVE… shall not be denied THY PRESENCE …. and so, it is a DECREE in heaven… Raise your Perspectives and Perceptions about Gratitude and you’ll see that she is filled with the Holy Spirit of One.G.o.D, whom she is here to AMPLIFY, INCLUDE and EXPAND! This means, a lot of…Read more Gratitude RECEIVES Emotion.DNA of Physical.Destiny….

THY Presence Be. Comes THY Choice

0225 0556 0614 0732 0828, 0833 In the same way “My Emotion.DNA be.comes My Physical.Destiny” Today Knewmerology is going to radically shift perspective and perceptions, today’s CHOICE of Presence and Presence of CHOICE is directly impacting your EMOTION.DNA of Physical.Destiny … a wonderful day to FOCUS your ATTENTION on “Our.Father”! Consider THIS!! Alchemy of Religion…Read more THY Presence Be. Comes THY Choice

My Gratitude for THY Presence

ed Our Father in Heaven, Holy Be your name! Today we step into THY Rest… knowing, God is in charge of every.thing and… you need to relax and allow flow of “thought” to guide your ACTIONS or REACTIONS or INTER.Actions. Its all about Action and you are blessed to release that which does not…Read more My Gratitude for THY Presence

YOU must speak your emotions and take a bow.

If every.thing is part of your physical.destiny. Understand that you are either allowing flow or denying this truth. After 41 years of breathing here, it is a process of that which you have been taught and reminded so often that it has become a “BELIEF”… these are ways of the planet that YOU are…Read more YOU must speak your emotions and take a bow.

The Transition from US to YOU!

You are getting to choose what the word “YOU” means. This is a privilege really, since, we are in the month where perspectives are going through a transition and there is a new collective perspective being raised… the collective perspective of Power shifts …. and the power muscles begin to grow… Imagination.Confidence.Forgiveness.Wisdom. It is important…Read more The Transition from US to YOU!