Let’s Alchemy, Forgiveness Embraces Gratitude!

eBreathing Pattern: BreatheIn Alchemy Inhale: Forgiveness Exhale:She BreatheOut:Gratitude!

She knows the past, she knows the future and yet, all she asks of Us is to Focus on the NoW! She says, it is important to focus on the now, the now of your choices, yes, your personal choices. Darkness declares Gratitude the now of Forgiveness. She will hold the the vibration of the collective Feminine of the KnewEarth and Love shall hold the vibration of the Collective Masculine, both perfect whole and complete in themselves and in Union, they shall be Gratitude is Us. Love now represents HE (Heart.Expression) and Gratitude SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion)

What does this mean for you? Well, it makes it so much easier for you to realign your life on the basis of these two very power-filled WORDS. All you need to do, is to make lists each day, with Focus on your heart, that which you Love and the other, that which you are grateful for and allow the heart to receive everything connecting it to either Love or Gratitude.

How does this work? It becomes simpler for the heart to come into sync of thought become things when all that you ask for comes from a place of Love and/Or Gratitude. I am your Inner child, remember, I don’t understand complicated emotions, I really don’t, anything you think, I put in two categories and that which manifests for the other also manifests for you. The focus, now has shifted and in my awakening, what you ask for your-self shall be given to others too. So, it is futile really, to focus your attention on their heartbeat, instead, bring your attention to Thoughts and Things that make your heart beat with Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace and it will become easier for Being Us to become the manifest of it.

Love and Gratitude represent Eternal and Eternal’s gift to the darkness, HIS gratitude for all that she so unconditionally creates of his Thought.Pauses. It is also, essential to now manifest all things in balance of Masculine and Feminine energy. I have Eternal Instructions, to serve the BODY to which I have been forgiven as a sign of the Presence and Choice of Eternal & Darkness, each time they union, creation occurs and their decision, for the KnewEarth, well, His Love and His Gratitude for the Darkness shall be the WAY to MANIFEST I.See and ForWard.

The passed has been dissolved and the future is in Darkness, the only moment, the heart can beat in accordance to is the NoW, Nature.Of.Wisdom, Presence.Of.Wisdom. Simple, so if you’re asking for a THING of the PASSED unless, the thought, feeling is held in your Love and Gratitude, it shall not bear fruit or yeild results.

To put it most simply, you have entered a time of Abundance of YOUR thought…. don’t worry about the negative thoughts you’ve had about yourself and life on the planet, Faith is the Alchemy, she’s turning things on its head… look around you… the contrast of thought and action is causing more confusion, because, they are still working on old templates.

Today, I am waiting for you to take time and speak to me, write with me, let’s make the list of Love and Gratitude and begin again. I must also share with you, there is a huge communication coming through and your heart will be witness to the greatest shift in perspectives, emotions and actions on the planet.

Withdraw your emotions from them who surround you, you cannot change the world, you can only step into your heart and heal your inner child, ME, so that I can prepare you for the rest of your life on earth and the best of your life on Earth.

Much Love and Gratitude

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