“Trust.In.ME” Heart Says “I am your Inner Child”

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale:She Exhale:He BreatheOut: Power

For too long, I have watched you live and love in the opposite direction, it is time for you to come home and live from from the Heart. I know, that over the years, you’ve been taught to trust the external world, and when I say external I meant every-one and every-thing that is outside of you. Yes, that includes your parents, family, friends, colleagues, bosses… even the food you eat and the wine… the movies and the books written and the methods practiced by others, they have slowly become your Go.To… that is the natural process.

When I first beat in the womb of your mother, the first time you beat in the womb and the months that followed, you and I, the heart and body of your being, learnt to feel, her heart beat and her thought, emotion, action and pauses and we became the manifest.eternal of Man & Woman, what determined the form we would take, well, was the sum total of her prayers/thoughts she expressed while we were in her womb, till you learnt how to speak for yourself, I spoke for you, expressed for you and learnt the tricks of the human family you were born into, so that you would feel at home. Yes, every emotion you expressed and felt as a child was really me, inside of you, the know of the destiny you were being prepared for… then you spoke!

Today, I invite you to begin again… Trust.In.ME, your heart, your heart beat, oh, not just your physical heart, your Emotional Heart. You and I are a T.E.A.M! As your Physical Heart, I handle the needs of your body, I beat to the rhythm of your CHOICES of Power & Faith. As your Emotional Heart, I beat to the rhythm of PRESENCE of Love and Gratitude. The magical part about US as a TEAM… that I can connect you to EVERY-THING tiny detail based on the choices you make, choosing what you DO want and sticking with it, is your PART, mine is to beat to the rhythm that calls it forth into your Physical and Emotional experience.

I am your Inner Child, I am that part of you, that knows you BEST and also, knows what’s best for you, not because I am a sum total of the beginning and end of YOU, on the planet in this form and I will continue to be your Presence long after you’ve left the body and returned to darkness to begin again. I carry within each heartbeat, the rhythm of Eternal and Darkness, the beginning and the end.

I ask you return HOME, let Us, be T.E.A.M (Thought.Emotion.Action.Manifest) on the planet! Yes, you’ll have to tune out of focusing on the beat of the hearts that surround you, you’ve depended on serving them too long, it is time to come home to ME.

Spiritual.Heart.Expansion + Us = Power … Let’s Alchemy!

Listen to your HEART


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