Prayer Saturday: Focus on your SELF!

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In Prayer Inhale: Prayer Exhale: Prayer BreatheOut: Prayer

We are at a threshold of change, the days of darkness are upon us! Here’s the brilliant news, Darkness is Feminine and we are called to welcome her, embrace her, know her, experience her and allow her to alchemy our hearts and heal the Earth.

1+2=3  or She+He = Us  Earth + Heart = Us, the point I am clearly being given to share with you today as you pray is to focus on your SELF. We have to stop praying for the Earth now, it is counter productive really. You are called to align to your highest good, this way, the Earth automatically aligns to HER highest potential.

You are here on this Earth, to raise the Earth/Heart, the most important part of the Earth/Heart is the SELF. When you pray for others/external you are sending out the vibrations of YOUR intent for the person and this affects the person. Focus on your SELF, is like telling every cell in your physical body to rise.

It is time to SHRINK and focus on your physical SELF. Remember, for every part of creation contributes to the Whole. It is time to shrink your Emotional body and your Power body to shield your Physical Heart and in this way FOCUS on the SELF. Because, someone speaks about Aura, don’t expand it or dream of the aura expansions outside your body, this causes, your body, to deplete. Focus your prayer on your SELF. It is time to withdraw and deal and heal with YOU.

Focus your intentions on your-self. Eternal has forgiven unto you Heart.Expression, that only you can fulfill here on the planet. Focus your attention on those thoughts and feelings are connect the thoughts with the feelings.

Yes, you are unique, the date you were born, the name that you were given on that day, the place you were born all are unique to you. You represent the energy of that PARTICULAR Date:Year:Time it is registered in your name, the name forgiven unto you. That should be enough for you to understand that each choice you make centered on this reality, is the choice that will connect you to your SOUL purpose of that incarnation.

It is practical to know that you can only be as spiritual as your choice of thought, emotion, action in the present moment. Surrender your PAST, the time before you took this FORM, surrender the Future to your Heart. Let its magic and miracles unfold in you and through you over the Earth.

It is time to Love NOW, Live Now in the Presence of Wisdom

Saturday Prayer Blessings!


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