She embraces He!!

Breathing Pattern : Breathe in: She Inhale: Presence Exhale: Choice BreatheOut: He

He chooses her again! Eternal chooses Darkness again! Looks like Creation has a preferred partner and we’re all children of the same beginning!

Today is the beginning you have been praying for, every today is, says the heart. The day of Presence, each day, He & She dance to the tune of heartbeats and as they dance, their union creates… as their union creates… well, every detail grows into its potential. This evolution can occur only in the Presence of the Present Moment, the Now.

When Eternal and Darkness, create, there is a PAUSE, every vibration, every iota of Creation come-union-in-action, that they may Receive a piece of the Mercy and Peace of their Union. Eternal sees in Darkness all HE is going to become and Darkness sees in Eternal every-thing she already is.

They dance to the tune of their Thoughts and creation occurs. That’s the fairytale of creation and the power of the presence moment.

Eternal forgives unto Darkness … Eternal Love and She becomes his Eternal Gratitude, they don’t speak, they simply communion with each other.

My heart gives me a beautiful vision of the moment, a blink of an eye, a heart beat, that is them together, Eternal and Darkness… Love and Gratitude and their Power and Faith in each other.

How beautiful to know, we all are born of a cosmic dance of Eternal & Darkness, their Love & Gratitude, receive of them and become the holders of the DNA. Power and Faith then become of their Love and Gratitude, all THINGS of the Seen of the Thoughts they emit in Union.

She embraces He, remember, and He embraces all of her creations. He knows her Forgiveness and she knows his Imagination. Love and Gratitude sustain and hold their vibrational expression and expansion sacred and with Eternal Power and Eternal Faith, become all THINGS of THOUGHT.

Today, try to feel the presence, focus your Heart on the MOMENT, the blinking of your eyes and the beating of your heart, the flow of breath, the NOW, the Nature of Wisdom, expands to the rhythm of their union and becomes all things.

She is his muse, He the artist… They don’t look at what they create, they create and HE accepts all that she gives him, He sees them through his Love and the Gratitude he feels for HER presence, her infinite ability to forgive unto him all he can imagine.

Step into the Moment, the dance, the blink and become aware of story of the beginning of you.

Hold my hand, I’ll hold your heart, Let’s Alchemy, Heartbeats!

Gratitude is Us, 1 1 the balance between He and She, the cosmic dance of creation!


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