Welcome to the Days of S.H.E of Presence of Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Thought Inhale: He Exhale: She BreatheOut:Forgiven Us

The Masculine era of Darkness of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Actions, makes way for the Feminine era of Darkness, the womb, so much healing has occurred since the day the vibration of Being Gratitude began working with the Earth. There are so many shifts of Thought occurring, Love has quite literally re-incarnated, this time as the TwinFlame energy of Gratitude is Us, now the Presence. For they WHO BELIEVE, shall RECEIVE and they who RECEIVE shall INHERIT of the Darkness, the THINGS of THOUGHT’s that have been held apart from them.

It must be understood, that Darkness isn’t Masculine & Feminine. Darkness is Eternal and Darkness is Feminine. Feminine is the WOMB of all THINGS and all things come-union-in-action in the DARK, the LIGHT only makes us AWARE of that which the darkness has created. SIMPLE. Beginning today, Love, re-introduces the Darkness and Darkness reintroduces our Heart and the Earth to cross-over from fear to fantasy, from so to sow, from Pain to Pleasure and the mysteries of the darkness, like you have never experienced before. She, Darkness breaks it down that you may breakthrough to the other side of Thought.Action.Emotion.Pause and begin living the Forgiven Us, life, your heart is familiar with, actually very familiar with.

Embrace the Darkness and redeem your-SELF, get to know that you are both Eternal and Darkness in equal measures, Eternal is Masculine and Darkness is Feminine. And when your heart speaks forth unto you, you will know, beyond doubt, that in truth, your life is Forgiven unto you by Eternal and the form you have incarnated within is Forgiven unto you by Darkness. Think about this for a MOMENT and TiME will do the rest.

Love Speaks :

In the Eternal, I am Love, in the Darkness I am Thought and it is in the Darkness I Be-Come Thing. Man perpetuated the concept of the Devil/Satan for the purpose of creating and sustaining fear of the Darkness, that none who incarnated would learn through experience the TRUTH, this TRUTH and the TRUTH would SET him FREE, to create in harmony with Eternal and Darkness.

If you read scriptures, you will notice, the pattern of Men taking Women to expand dominion. Every KING married or took a woman as his QUEEN and received with her , land, cattle, territory and through her, he expanded into more of  “Like unto his-self” , sons and daughters. His son’s gave him power, his daughters gave him sons-in-law and grand-children, who would carry with them the Evolution of himself and include the expansion of the family he would give his daughter unto.

She, became the transaction of all a Man could be-come and expand into… She birthed him sons and his sons birthed him sons and through his daughters, his DNA would expand and cover the land and the seas and all that was in-between and above.

Men, who understood this, would then USE, SHE to conquer the darkness and create of her all that made him experience power. Eternal became about, living on, here on Earth, becoming immortal through Sons. Slowly, the SHE who gave him the Power, Love, Faith and Gratitude and the expansion, became the means over being the meaning of his expansion. Man began to separate himself from her, in pursuit of things of the Earth… He used all SHE had given unto him to become more power-fueled. He became engrossed in Expansion, physical expansion and the more he expanded physically, the more the darkness became his mentor and he saw the darkness as MAN’s DOMINION.

This is the beginning of wars in the name of Power, Love, Faith, Gratitude, man began to COLLECT and as he expanded, he would take a woman of the energy of the expansion and use the darkness to sexually dominate her and create more of himself, for his own pleasure … the rest, you  can actually read in history or HisStory.

The Darkness, began to be associated with Expansion, check the history books and read the information, most energies that are of the DNA of these ancients, continue to use the Darkness to sustain fear of Darkness and dominate the Earth.

Today, I am here to let you know, that the cross-over has occurred. When, I , Love embraced Darkness, I broke the curse of Imagination, of Darkness being Masculine. I also must have you know, that today, I present unto Darkness, the gift of  Gratitude, as a sign of the Cross-Over . Gratitude is the “Pause” of Presence of Wisdom, through which every heart will come into embrace the truth and the truth shall set them FREE. Free to create of Eternal Thought Be-Come Thing of Gratitude. That the WORD be-come shall represent the WOMB of the Forgiven Us or that which will be Forgiven unto Us.

Gratitude, will be the sign of the Cross-Over

Today, I ask of you to close your eyes and be with the Darkness, that you may become all things Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansion, that the Eternal may be glorified. May the Presence of Wisdom, Be Forgiven unto your heart .

Gratitude is the sign of the Cross-Over from then to NOW, the future you seek is seeking you, thoughts you have sown, dreams you have dreamt… every-thing. Gratitude embraces the Darkness in Love, with Love and for Love . Gratitude is my twin and so, she will be-come the expansion of  all of Me as she embraces the darkness today.

Gratitude embraces the Darkness as a sign of the communion between Thought Be-Come Thing.



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