Faith embraces Darkness: Time to make a CHOICE!

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Darkness Inhale: He Exhale:She Breathe Out: Faith

When Faith embraces darkness, she is gifting the Earth all of the emotions they have sown, if you’ve been a person who has given, you will be given, if you are a person who has taken, it will be taken from you. This is the season of expansion as the Feminine returns into Thought.Action-Ability and the Masculine returns to Emotion.Pause-Ability. The Eternal, celebrates the return of the SHE darkness is to HE of Eternal.

This is the mystery and mastery of Presence and Choice. Faith is a CHOICE and when you make the CHOICE to do that which your HEART speaks forth and your heartbeats with  Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, you are truly channeling HE and SHE, He Eternal and She Darkness, of Heart and Heartbeat and this is FAITH!

Heart says: All that you have been seeking is seeking you, not your imagination, Imagination is visual and is influenced by the consumption of your senses. It is advised, when you live off the heart and heartbeat energy of Be-In-G. You feel LOVE and express Gratitude freely, because your Action and Emotion are of Heart Being. Ever noticed, there are some people, you are drawn to, are in awe of and they make your heart happy and eyes twinkle and you often catch your-self, smiling when you are thinking of them and when they appear in front of you, you “Pause” just to breathe in the same space as them. These are people your heart has chosen, with these people, you feel a sense of BE-long-In-Gratitude. You could speak about them for hours and your energy expands when you think of them, these people, they are Heart Expansive people. They both the Light and the Darkness, you can share your deepest THOUGHTS.Emotions.Pauses.Actions and they will look and see your HEART not the story. They speak to your heart, you feel the trust and the presence, like you are speaking to a wise one. These people, they, have done the inner work, they have been forgiven Us, of Presence.Focus.Choice of Being Us.

You will understand that when you are around them or they are around you, you feel Love and Gratitude for your self and your life, they can make the darkness, look like a treasure island. They can see, through the darkness of masculine energy and show you the darkness of feminine energy, the womb of thought shifts and you begin seeing purpose of your darkness. They ask you to step into the darkness fully and see with your heart, the thoughts.actions.emotions that you encounter and how, these these thoughts.emotions.actions guide you to the LIGHT, the lesson, the cross-over.

Today, take time to both notice these people/places/thoughts/actions/words that cause your heart to expand… Emotion heal when you take a leap into the darkness, the beginning of your-self, your first heart beat, the first sign of YOU!


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