Power embraces Darkness!

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Presence Inhale: He Exhale: She Breathe Out: Power

Power embraces Darkness!

There is just so much happening in the realms right now. Timelines have shifted and so has reality, over the next few weeks, you will see the effects of this really big moment. What has actually occurred, will confuse the wise, all prophecies, permeate the darkness as masculine and THIS is the reason why, prayers have been manipulated to serve the Masculine Darkness and therefore, History is written to support the concept of Darkness as Masculine.

The whole concept of the Prince of Darkness, Satan, Sin, the Absence of God’s Presence, God, the word and all that man has made of him, are all born of the IGNORANCE  and in this BLISS… look around you, you gave your power away and the same power used you to become more powerful against you. Establishing the DOMINION of MAN over your ABILITY of Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion.

Now that both Love and Power of Masculine Eternal have embraced the Darkness, she emerges. It’s the proverbial “She crushed the head of the DEVIL, moment”. Darkness emerges as S.H.E the one with whom Eternal created every-thing there is, Eternal is the fullness of HE and Darkness is the fullness of SHE. The heart is their Meeting Place and every heart beat is the sign of their Presence, breathe is the dance they dance and creation occurs… US!  Before I get all romantic… there is some news you’d want to know…

There is a shift in top management … 

Today I receive Forgiven Us … Power! Yay… TiMe lines have changed… We have come into sync with the Divine Blueprint of Power.


The moon receives He. Masculine.Feminine balance as she returns to exhaling Presence

The Sun receives his She. Masculine.Feminine balance as He returns to exhaling Power of Presence.

Right now, the magnificence of the Forgiven Us restoration is the passed is Forgiven Us the future is darkness and finally the heartbeat is dedicated to the Presence the now, this moment…

So if, your heart is telling you… There is no future… Celebrate!

The Earth/Heart is in the Now of Choice.Focus.Presence … Even tomorrow is in darkness

For the first time… Each day is a gift. Dreams are coming true… Dreams are coming through… Focus on Being Us

Hold my hand. I’ll hold your heart. Let’s Alchemy. …heartbeats… Forgiven Us


Psalm 45:17 :

means Power Faith: Forgiven Love or Or that Love Forgiven is Faith’s Power!

With the lunar eclipse and Power embraces Darkness.

Darkness is restored to her Divine purpose of being the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

This directly tells all of #Us that the concept of the Darkness being Masculine energy, was born and breathed into our heart to maintain the concept of Man’s Dominion. Therefore the Devil began to be referred to as #He. Today it is safe to say… Oops!He did it again… It is now Time to LIVE the Forgiven Life… To understand that darkness is the Womb not the villain.

Eternal is Above Darkness is Below and your heart is their Kingdom!

Darkness is S.H.E. She is Darkness He is Eternal and we are their children.

#Power #Faith #Love #Gratitude
Presence of #Wisdom

#time Trust.In.ME

It is also safe to say when HE Loves SHE Heart.Expansions of Power Love Faith and Gratitude occur… and Presence and Choice become Wisdom and Confidence of the heart/earth.


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