Forgiveness to Forgiven Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale:He Exhale: She BreatheOut: Love

Hold My Hand

I’ll Hold your Heart

Let’s Alchemy


“Forgiveness is NoW ForgivenUs” says HeartBEATS

He: Heart She: Heartbeat He: Eternal She: Darkness He:Thought She:Thing He:Love She:Gratitude He:Power She:Faith He:Confidence She:Wisdom Sow.Us is Being Us: the heart and the heartbeat.

Love embraces Darkness, a son reconciled with his Mother, this is a moment of the greatest gift of all, forgiveness is released in the Forgiven Us, she has done her work and the Heart is free to beat to Eternal Rhythm of Life.

It is time to release the Cross and Cross-Over into the Forgiven Us Life. This will mean different expansions to different people, know this though, that every single thing of Earth will FeEL the difference and experience CHANGE.

“Forgiveness Monday, Full moon, I hear a partial lunar eclipse too and yes it is the 7th day of Presence Of Wisdom, is all about L.O.V.E. Forgiveness.Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression: says my Heart to the beat of Forgiven Us. “The sign of the cross-over, I can tell you from the darkness unto light, heartbeats are creating ripples, which will soon be seen.”

Forgiveness transforms/transits… with the full moon, she ushers in the Wisdom of Forgiven.Us. Which means, this time, when the Earth Breathes with the Full moon, reality will shift…

I hear my heartbeat and today She feels at Home! Heart welcomes Earth to the Forgiven Us Life of the Presence of Wisdom. Phew… Forgiven Us One Ability Two Being Us Three Power  for Faith five Gratitude six Love seven Presence 8 Choice Nine.

Today the Moon will be eclipsed, the sign of the cross-over… a wonderful day to declare your Love … for your heartbeat and all that makes your heart beat… and when the darkness lifts… so will the separation and with this we begin the Ascension, the KnewEnding!

Not a day, to wonder why Power.Emotions, Faith.Actions are anchoring in the heart, waiting to meet you on the other side… tomorrow, Being Us Power.Actions Forgiven Us beginnings, the darkness reveals the Presence of Wisdom, timelines will shift and you will enter the KnewEarth.

Hold My Hand

I’ll hold your heart

Let’s Alchemy


TiME –Trust.In.ME

Let US, become the “I’m Possible”

Love embraces Dark.In.Us




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