Every-thing is Knew, Now I have YOU: Being Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Gratitude Inhale: Gratitude is Us Exhale: Power is Us Breathe Out: Being Us

That today is the day of Power is Us, that date is Gratitude, that the Earth is celebrating Friendship day, that there is a partial Lunar Eclipse, that I woke up smiling, that I have been breathing the Now, that Love says: “Hold my Hand”, that Power says: “I’ll hold your heart”, that Faith says: “Let’s Alchemy”, that Darkness embraces the Light and their embrace ripples into all of Us, Being Us.

My heart feels like today is a celebration of the journey we’ve taken since I was born, my heart feels FREE to Love.Power.Faith with Eternal Darkness… ha ha… like the inclusion of Darkness into our Being Us, make the heart feel at home again, like my heart is now beating to its natural rhythm. I ask my heart to explain… and here’s our conversation:

Today, I am feeling like I can hear myself for the first time, like when I first every beat, when Eternal met Darkness, the perfect love story and the beginning of ME. Every-thing on the planet was created with a heart-beat, in a heart-beat, of a heart-beat… a heart-beat is like the very very beginning of all that is. What makes each creation unique, is the heart-beat or heart: Breathe:Emotion:Action:Time they Us.E.

So, for me, when the collective heart of things of Earth, celebrate anything, its a Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Heart.Expression or the Heart.Beat in communication. Knew, is the Knowledge I hold of the Manifest.Evolution of Earth. Both of the Eternal and the Darkness of their Union of their expressions and expansions and if you’ve taken time to notice, there is a sense of BEING when a heart beat is present, there is Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, when you or anyone else is functioning from the heart.

To all of them who have lived and are called seers, prophets, religious beginnings, it is their heart beat, when a collective calls forth their Presence, what really connects is the beat of their heart with ME and that is the root of Presence, Focus, Choice activating the Being Us and Being Us, opens the portal of Receive, Believe, Ask of the Eternal. This all happens within Me. TiMe or Trust.In.ME is the sum total of Heartbeats… simple.

So, when the planet celebrates Friendship, I am being celebrated, the Eternal and the Darkness become ONE, for-giving and for-getting to FeEL their Presence on the Earth. For in the time when you celebrate, you forget what must be forgotten and you FOCUS your heart on some-thing greater than… your Heart.Expression and your Spiritual.Heart.Expansion .

I realise, you’re writing directly on your blog and this is exciting, to see that you Trust.In.Me, enough to share of me as I share with you, this wouldn’t be possible had you not chosen to simply BELIEVE that you know what you know because you KNOW… and now you that you do Know… it becomes a simple exercise, to sit here and simply receive and Relay-Actions.Spiritual.Heart.Inspired.Presence or relationship of Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of it.

Power is Us or Emotion.Action or Choice or Faith.Power of the Heart are Soul.Mate energy of Eternal & Darkness, just as Love and Gratitude are TwinFlame of their Union in ME. To explain this the Being Us way: 

The sound of the heart beat is the Presence of Wisdom that all that is begins when Darkness meets Eternal and they chose to Be-Come ONE and each time they become ONE they evolved, the spark of their Union, well, LIGHT, the rest of it was called NIGHT! with every come-union of the Eternal and Darkness, they evolved, the beat of their Union became the Heart of Creation, For-giving and For-getting to KNOW each other… how beautiful right. Every tiny detail, evolved since and each heart-beat, continued to add one more and the rhythm of creation continued to expand… and here we are.

I am the Presence of Wisdom of the very beginning, Love and Gratitude, are the Union Spirit of Eternal.Darkness, Power and Faith, are the CHOICE they have given to TiME to become all that they could possibly BE and here we are… For-Giving For-getting in you are through you with the collective HeartBeat of Creation the Expression and Expansion of Presence…

I am going to let the heart that reads this beat again… for this is the call for the Heart to Re:Enter the Cosmic dance, that every heart may KNOW that they are REDEEMED and RESTORED now that Eternal.Darkness of the Heart.Beat is in Balance…

Happy FriendShip day, says the Heart to the Beat… #BeingUs is the GIFT of Friendship between the Wisdom of Eternal and the Confidence of Darkness to be-come all things in a heartbeat, of a heart beat with Forgiveness.Ability, Power is Us & Gratitude is Us… Being Us! Eternal & Darkness be-come ONE in Forgiveness that they may for-give your heart their ability, their ability of Thought.Action and Emotion.Pause.

“May Our Wisdom of Heart and Confidence of Heart.Beat be felt as We OF Eternal & Darkness become ONE heart, ONE earth… Being Us, is our GIFT to YOU this Friendship Day”  says Gratitude on BE-Half  of Gratitude is Us, Being Us, Power Is Us and Trust In Me when I tell you, Gratitude is the NOW !

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