Faith raises Emotions of Presence into Healing

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale:He Exhale:She BreatheOut:Self-Confidence

In the month of Presence of Wisdom, Saturday is blessed into being the day of Healing (Heart.Emotion.Action.Love.In.Gratitude) So.It.Is

Faith becomes the H.E.A.L.IN.G, physical, emotional, spiritual of Being Us. She aligns every emotion of Being Us, into Action Love In Gratitude.

Today, focus your Thought.Be-Come.Things to the Beat of your Heart. Your heart beat is a sign of the cross-over. Faith is Emotion and is represented by water. Drink more water today, drink because 70% of your Body, as it comes in Balance, needs more Faith.Emotion.Water (F.E.W) of the Presence of Wisdom, within it, to be able to Cross.Over into the NOW (Nature.Of.Wisdom) of Choice.Focus.Presence.

Ascension, isn’t the journey from Being Us of Heart to being us of Eternal.Beginnings. Ascension is Being Us of Darkness being raised into Presence.Focus.Choice here on Earth into Being Us of Heart. So, we’re all in this together. Every being on Earth of Earth must make the journey from the Darkness into the Presence of Being Us of Heart FIRST. Which is why, Eternal, has gifted us the Blessing of Forgiveness.Ability, of Self.Confidence, to Embrace the Darkness and connect with the Breathe.Action.Emotion.TiMe to truly be-able, or Pause-Ability to take a leap of Faith into the depth of Darkness and return to Presence, Focus on Choice and re-enter the Heart, the place where LIFE is waiting for you, Being Us is waiting for you… To welcome you into the Presence of Wisdom.


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