Hold my Hand: That’s It: Being Us

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIN: Love Inhale: He Exhale: She BreatheOut: Being Us

Third day of Presence of Wisdom, Thursday Love Be-Comes Being Us Masculine Communication of Presence of Wisdom. On the first day you received Forgiveness.Action, Ability-Emotion, Being Us.Thought… So.It.Is

Being Us, is to be WILLing to Trust.In.Me, follow the path I give unto you, which even though may appear to contradict what you’ve learnt so far and that is the ENDING of the past pattern of Manifesting.Spectacular.Dreams. Focus on Love and allow Love to become the path of your manifesting.evolution. Simple. Ground yourself, as scary as your Imagination may make it sound unto you right now, in Eternal Darkness, the beginning, the very source of All That Is, that is the deepest part of who you are, heart-wise and earth-perfect.

Hold my hand. That’s It. Being Us


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