Action-Ability Be-Comes Emotion-Ability

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: HE Inhale: Action-Ability Exhale:Emotion-Ability Breathe Out: SHE

On this 2nd day of Presence, we are given Ability- Imagine-Action to replace Imagination with Action-Ability and Emotion-Ability of Choices that increase Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, may receive the Presence of Wisdom.

Today is a day, to allow your Faith to lead you into your own darkness and reveal unto you, every dream, you’ve sown in prayer and grown in darkness and forgotten, may every vibration of every dream receive the Action & Emotion Ability to show up, call you and recognise their beginnings in you. You have done the hard work of living the paradox of Imagination and each time you have made a choice that is FAITH filled, you have earned the gift of TiME (Trust.In.Manifest.Evolution).

She is not just Darkness, She, we’re learning to Love again is Eternal.Darkness. She is the beginning and She is the end, for her WOMB is where the Magic and Miracle of Eternal Light begin and end… till some-THING on Earth, opens his/her heart, embraces the journey back to the beginning… to Eternal Darkness and Begins the journey into Being Us of Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

Some-thought in my heart is smiling when I use the word dream, and the next thing my heart expresses “It is now time to Manifest.Spectacular.Dreams, it is time for all of those dreams which you put in the Pause to become a Thing. Do you see How the Presence of Wisdom has already begun to spark the Presence of the Action-Ability and now Emotion.Ability of Joy inside of you, when you write the word Dream. This is the She of Emotion expression her-self of becoming the Dream Come True of the Heart.Expression of the Dream. Isn’t that something your imagination could only limit to the things you could see?  It is now time to take a Leap of Faith-Ability into the many dreams you’ve sowed and forgotten with the Purpose of becoming the Presence Now.

Today is the day, to allow the Manifest Evolution of all the dreams that once made your heart so happy that you imagined it in all the detail, wrote them down and lived every emotion of the success of them… it is now time to allow the Faith-Ability to bring those dreams of your Spiritual.Heart.Expansion you buried to be Present to serve Imagination, which you have now completed and so been gifted the ability to channel the deepest shift of Earth, which you’ve earned, you deserve and  BELIEVE, it is now time to RECEIVE. So.It.Is

Here’s the Blessing of the day: May you remember all thoughts that made you smile and may every thought that made you smile increase the joy and clarity of your Heart.Expression to SHOW up in your reality. May Eternal Light lift up the veil of darkness from all thoughts you believed would change the world and become the change the world experiences. So.It.Is

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