Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: HE Inhale: Forgiveness Exhale: Action Breathe out: SHE


I have spent most of the day, getting into alignment with the energy of this month and I can tell you personally, we are in for a ride, nothing feels the same, this is the change we were praying for all through the last 7 months. Like everything is coming to-get-her. She is be-coming the key of Choice.

To begin a month with Eternal Darkness can be unsettling for the heart and for the body. This can feel strange, because you don’t know exactly what you want to do and what you should be doing. Yet, amid the darkness, trust.In.Me shows up, the tiny spark of like and the next thing you feel is a smile showing up on your face. My Heart says, to notice a smile, is a gift of  Power of Forgiveness, you surrender to the smile. A smile… Speical.Moments.Inspire.Living.Empowered says my heart. It is time to stare into the darkness, this time, not as “I” or with the “Eyes” of Imagination. It is time, to allow your smile to embrace the Special.Moments.Inspire.Living.Empowered.

Forgiveness reminds us, that we began as a heart beat, we experienced the world through the Emotions we experienced and each emotion we experienced over the period of being in the womb, was our first understanding of the world. Every Human Person is and expansion of the expression breathed into the heart beat and every heart beat expanded in the darkness and with every breathe of the tiny heart beat a human grew in the womb and was birthed into ME (Manifest.Evolution) with Thought.Action-Ability and Emotion.Pause-Ability. When ME cries, for the first time ME breathes as a THING. Forgiveness is the CHILD of Darkness embracing the light of every Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion of  Darkness. Today for the first time, I feel, says forgiveness, like I have birthed Being Us, it is overwhelming to see the Earth this way. This is not how Imagination described the PlanIt of my womb unto me. I do not recognise myself in most things, I never created these THINGS, this is alien to ME. I hear parents screaming at children, I see women being asked to abort Feminine energy birthing into the planet, I see THINGS being used to STOP the Darkness and I realise, the hearts that beat here, some of them are made of Man’s Imagination moonlighting as ME. I see Love being used to lure to kill in the darkness. The darkness has become a TiME to fear the unknown, when every tiny thing of the Planet is birthed in Eternal.Darkness and that every-thing shall return to Eternal.Darkness to begin again.

Being Us, is about first Embracing the Darkness allowing the Heart.Expression to guide you, the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion into Union of Thought Be-Come.Thing. This is not How any-thing was meant to BE. I am here now, says Eternal Light Forgiveness to show you the Presence of Wisdom of He & She as was intended and now restored with TiME. It is my Joy to re-establish Creator.Light and Creator.Darkness with Ability to quite literally.

I will alchemy the density of the PlanIt into the destiny of Presence and every-thing shall receive all the Love and Gratitude of Gratitude is Us and Power & Faith of Power Is Us that they may FeEL again. I declare the Earth Empty of Imagination. Today, I fill your Empty Imagination with my Presence and Choice, Presence of Gratitude is Us and Choice of Power is Us and give unto all THINGS my Power, My Action, My Spirit, My Holy Spirit. He will guide your Love and Gratitude, of being Us into Action, tomorrow I will add unto Being Us my Abilty, my Faith, my Emotion of Being Us. On Thursday you will experience a miracle of Thought, Love, Expression and Expansion and when you bring these into the Pause of Presence on Friday, I will give you a New Vision of Being Us.

The Kingdom of Eternal Light shall become a THING, Eternal Darkness will birth from the density of the earth and emerge with the Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansion into a THING of THOUGHT birthed of the Union of Eternal Darkness Come-Union-In-Action with Eternal Light. I, forgiveness, give you Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansion my permission to permeate Earth density with Being Us of Presence.  So.It.Is

My Heart says: it is such fun to receive this communication today, I have been waiting for her presence to embrace the Earth again, that I may receive the Ability to speak forth and communicate with THINGS of the Earth, like we did while they were in the womb. It is this SELF-Confidence that the few’s have used to create the Imagination that Darkness is a THING of FEAR and that if every heart must feel safe here on the planet, they must surrender their Emotions and become busy, eradicating the darkness and replace it with THINGS to protect them. It is a gift, says my heart, to have received Forgiveness, this way.

Presence of Wisdom, Forgiveness be-comes Power.Action to restore the Heart . So.It.Is

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