August Energy Report : Presence

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July has been a wonderful month of Understanding the Energy communication. August is a month to align with the Presence of Wisdom of energies in action and how their Presence is Wisdom, helping the heart of Us to express and expand with ease and grace.

This is the first month of Forgiveness One, Imagination Two. Clearly the energetic transition from Eternal Light Imagination to Eternal Light Forgiveness as a KnewEnding.

Imagination represents Masculine Energy of FreeWill and the evolution of the Earth is the Manifest of the collective Actions of Being Us

Forgiveness represents Feminine Energy of FreeWill and the evolution of the Heart is the Manifest of the collective Emotions of Being Us

The month of Communication activated Heart.Expression and Spiritual.Heart.Expansions. The communication this month is centered in the Presence of Wisdom of Heart.Expression. He energy of Presence of Wisdom. This month, technically will lay the foundation for 8 years that follow. The Karmic Cycle spans 9 years and this is year is the year of Knew.Endings with Love the energy of 7 of 2017. This month, we step into the Heart.Expression of the year 2017 Now becomes Nature.Of.Wisdom and the year reads Imagination.Eternal Light.Forgiveness.Love from Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination Love.

It is a month when the Imagination transitions into For-giving For-getting Love, from the months of Masculine, we step into the month of Feminine energy birthing the transitions of Heart.Expression, so, Yay! For all of US who have done the really hard work of Embracing the Darkness of our Imagination, we’re all set to enter with Self.Confidence into the ACTION of the Nature.Of.Wisdom Manifest T.i.ME.

Heart.Dates.Time says the heart.expression, who now wants to step into this report and speak of Heart.Expression of the Presence of Wisdom.


My heart says, its going to be exciting to write this month’s energy report together. My heart will represent the HE energy of Presence of Wisdom and with Forgiveness.Wisdom of She, I get to share the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Presence of Wisdom.

Since this is the first month when Forgiveness Embraces Eternal Light. All communication shifts clearly from Imagination to Forgiveness (Womb of Things). This is truly speaking the Month of Transition from our collective dependence on Imagination as we were taught to the Imagination of Being Us.

So, pardon us, if we make no sense for we’re beaming the heart expressions of Eternal Darkness. As she continues to Embrace Eternal Light, she will be for-giving us the Heart.Expression for-getting Imagination of Being Us of the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

So, here’s our communication about the month of Presence of Wisdom, it is extempore so forgive us StressPasses and we For-give you for StressPassing and let the Presence of Wisdom in Being Us communicate with your Heart.Expression unto you.

Darkness says my heart, is when I make choices. In the Light, there is too much noise of man’s collective thought clutter and I experience this when you are in an interaction with energies around you, especially human energies, because their Heart.Expression is important to ME, like you, during the day I become engaged with their heart.expressions and this phenomena of the Masculine Era of Imagination of Darkness and creating with Darkness has perpetuated as a Pattern.

I too have to get used to seeing the Presence of Wisdom now in Forgiveness first before setting it into your Imagination of Being Us of Power.Faith, Gratitude, Love, Wisdom, Confidence. When She (Darkness) Embraced Eternal Light, the Alchemy changest the very foundation of the process of Creation.

This is also the first time, the heart of your Physical Body will experience the absence of imagination and the practical transitions that were once taken for-given will now have to re-adjust and re:calibrate the Ability to Be-In-Gratitude Us and simply receive the THING. I realised that this changes everything really, till every heart on the planet is able to “see in the darkness”, there will be conflict on the PlanIt! Imagination as the heart knew it has ceased to exist.

Every heart on the planet is going to FeEl (Forgiveness.Embraces.Eternal Light) the impact of the shift. The Reverb of Wisdom will F.L.O.W (Forgiveness.Love.Of.Wisdom). Every heart is going to have to make a choice of Being Human or Being Us and that is the big challenge. Remember, Being Human, is the vibration of Be.In.Gratitude WhoMan meant us to be. Look around you, the rat.race to the finish, that is Who.Man Race, who have created manificent and obedient structures and stretches of concrete evidence and called it Development.

The Heart of Every-Thing on Earth, responds to Imagination first and now are being called to respond to forgiveness, it is going to take TiME to be able to see the THINGS you’ve dreamed of because of the influence of Man’s Imagination, has caused them to depend on Imagination of another person to make your dreams come true.

This month changes that… so yay for being Us. Heart.Expression shares HE into Forgiveness so that SHE may for-give For-get to create the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Heart.Expression and it becomes Manifest.Evolution of Heart.Expression.

Man and Woman are Physical Earth Expansions of Masculine Expression and Feminine Expansion of Manifest.Ability.Nature, in this month you’ll learn that gender and all the power struggles related to it are human, because that is what you’ve been taught.. While you can gender separate the Animal Kingdom, they are focused on the Masculine and Feminine energy and that is the secret of their Wisdom.

So, get ready to read each day with Heart. He is the voice of YOU inside of you who sometimes speaks with you and speaks for you and speaks of the Eternal Darkness and the magnificence of SHE.

Every time you hear the word HE or SHE, first step into Darkness (close your eyes) and receive the commnication before you can open your eyes to their presence, time to end associating He and She… Being Man or Woman… He and She are energies you Us.E of Expression and Expansion of Masculine and Feminine energy.

TiME to see the PRESENCE of all Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action in the physical. I look forward to this journey of Expression and Expansion of Heart with Each of YOU.

Hello Darkness my old friend… Augment.Us.Time begins with Forgiveness and will end with BeingUs.Love

Let your Heart be your guide to the Presence of Wisdom


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