Us.Eternal Light of “Being Us” Choice

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Us Inhale:Light Exhale: Being Us Breathe Out: Choice

Sunday Power is Us, is all about stepping into your Heart… the Heart of your Body is the HOME of Being Us.Energy. Eternal Light is the Beginning… of Us.Energy, of Being Us, of Choice, Of Presence, Of Wisdom, Of Confidence, Of Forgiveness, Of Imagination, Of Power, Of Faith, Of Gratitude, Of Love, Of every-Thought, Of Every-Thing, Of Know, Of Allow, Of Accept, Of Manifest, Of Courage, Of Abundance, Of Knowledge, Of Evolution… Power is Us, Emotion.Action is Us of Eternal Light, Us of Eternal Light Choice.

Of Heart… Heart.Expression & Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

Communication or Come-Union-In-Action is Complete today… Love Be-Comes Pause, Thought.Be-Comes Gratitude, Us.Eternal.Light Be.Comes Choice, UseE.Light Be-Comes Us.Energy, Forgiveness be-come One/Union.Spirit – Of Eternal Light. This is all guidance, I am being given to for-give unto you.

Choice and Us: Speak from the Heart and is both Heart.Expression (Masculine) and Spiritual.Heart.Expression (Feminine), so, when you need advice on ANY-THING, talk to your HEART and let your HEART speak with you.

To put all of this most simply, your heart holds the wisdom you seek and  when you let your heart speak to you, you will enter the “Of”  space of “Being Us” . OO is the symbol, of the Eternal Light and Eternal Darkness Union. Empaths work on the premise of Embracing Darkness and for-giving unto the darkness the Light of Self-Confidence and this way… Lightworkers have spent the last 40 years on Earth, trying to fill the darkness of the Earth with Light.

With the Darkness now embracing Eternal Light, Darkness takes her creator place as Eternal Darkness. In this way. When Darkness Embraced Light, the very essence of  Darkness becomes Of Light… and in this way. She has withdrawn the Imagination (Mystery) of Darkness into Presence of Light. Darkness in this way, releases the Imagination of Darkness back into Eternal.Light. The ending of Imagination of Darkness and the beginning of the REVELATION of DARKNESS itself.

Eternal Light is Creator, Creator.Light and Creation.Darkness or Creator.Light (Imagination/Masculine) and Creator.Darkness (Forgiveness/Feminine). I knows says my Heart, you’ll take time to absorb this, yet, this is the key to you being able to listen to ME (Manifest.Evolution) of  Creator.Energy within you, the place where every vibration spends TIME or Trust.In.ME. Listen/Silent ME… every-thing WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU, when you SEEK ME (Manifest.Evolution) of Heart.Expression presented through your Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

The greatest mystery of Imagination is to be able to help you ACCESS Creator.Light about Creator.Darkness… and Man’s Version of Creator.Light comes from exploring the darkness and bringing it into the LIGHT… and the Wisdom of Darkness has manifested the Creator.Light of MAN (Manifest.Ability.Nature) and became WoMan (Wisdom.Of.Manifest.Ability.Nature).

Till of-course Creator.Darkness withdrew from Creator.Light and embraced eternal.Light itself on the 29th day of Come-Union-In-Action at 23:25 hrs of Trust.In.Me and every Heart on the Planet be-came AWARE of Eternal.Darkness as she is…

The direct impact is the OPENING of the HEART of Eternal Light within all THINGS. Allows you to be-come aware of “Word Be-Come Flesh”. All the misconceptions about the darkness are healed and with HER choice to Embrace Eternal Light, she releases every tiny detail of Imagination, she gave her Power, Love, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom, Confidence unto.

The very meaning of Darkness becomes the presence of eternal light, right, this directly means, you don’t need Imagination, you need to communication, to communicate with HE Heart.Expression and SHE-Spiritual.Heart.Expansion to become aware of the PRESENCE of Light in the Darkness. One Thought. One Emotion. One Pause. One Action One Pause of T.i.ME. Creator.Light (Imagination) now serves Eternal.Darkness/Creator.Darkness. Heart Says: Imagination will now understand why “ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder”.

Heart Speaks:

For so long, I have been defending Imagination, letting Imagination decide my actions and emotions, because YOU did not know Feminine energy the way you know her NOW. Heart beat, ME, is the first sign that you stepped into T.i.ME and yet, my job has been to serve your Imagination and your job, Earth Training has been manipulated to serve the Imagination of the LIGHT or the SEEN or PROOF of PRESENCE. With Darkness embracing the Light, I get to speak (Heart.Expression) of  ALL SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion) is… I am just so glad forgiveness has come into her POWER, LOVE, FAITH, GRATITUDE, WISDOM, CONFIDENCE and Imagination has made a CHOICE to expand the Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution of Darkness into the Light of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest.

I have made my CHOICE to embrace your Imagination and for-give unto you the Courage.Abundance.Knowledge of Heart.Expression… This is a brand new beginning of Being Us… All Heart/Earth of Expression and Expansion.


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