Forgiveness.Confidence Be-Comes Alchemy

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Feel

Prayer Saturday, Pray with Self.Confidence today, that you may FeEL the shift, pray, with the Presence of Your Heart today. Let HE (Heart.Expression) increase your SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion).

Today Forgiveness Embraces Eternal Light, Darkness Embraces Light, Spiritual.Heart.Expansion embraces Heart.Expression. The Mighty ALCHEMY of Faith & Love of Forgiveness Embraces the Power & Gratitude of Eternal Light Presence and Choice. 2 Be-Come 1, Forgiveness, takes her place as the number 1, 2 is NoW Imagination, Forgiveness.Confidence is Self (Emotion.Pause-Ability)-Confidence.

Alchemy of Darkness…


Darkness Embraces Light

HE Be-Comes Presence of SHE

SHE Be-Comes Choice HE

Their Imagination is Ability

Their Trust.In.Me is Time

Their Come-Union-In-Action is Communication

Their: Heart.Expression is HE

Their: Spiritual.Heart.Expansion is SHE

Their: ME is Manifest.Evolution

Their BELIEVE : Imagination.Confidence

Their RECEIVE: Forgiveness.Wisdom

Their: Thought.Action-Ability is Confidence

Their: Emotion.Pause-Ability is Wisdom

Their: Thought.Pause is Gratitude is Us

Their: Emotion.Action is Power Is Us

Their: Confidence.Wisdom is Self.Confidence

Their: Power is Action

Their: Faith is Emotion

Their: Gratitude is Pause

Their: Love is Thought

Their: Thought is Love

Their: Thing is Gratitude

It is not about the Light in ME embracing the darkness in You.

It is about the darkness in Me embracing the light in You.

Its not about leaving my darkness to become the light

It is about allowing your light to reveal #BeingUs

#PrayerSaturday #FeEL #Us

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