How many of these have YOU experienced of Love?

  1. NowRules of Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression
  2. I am here to bridge the communication gap between the Womb of Thought (ME) & the Womb of Things (YOU)
  3. I will Breathing with you all through the 31 days to come and our RELATIONSHIP will be called COMMUNICATION
  4. Gratitude be-comes the Womb of Things of Divine Origin waiting to BIRTH into the Earth Kingdom and experience you and you to awaken to your Destiny from the Density of your Earth Experience
  5. Gratitude is the path to RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom/For-giving For-getting Wisdom) all that you BELIEVE (Imagine-Action.Confidence/Imagination.Confidence)
  6. I, will be Living in you in the TEMPLE of Trust.Joy.Claity & Grace, your Heart Centre, which in my communication is the same as the Heart Centre of Earth, because, in all things Earth is Present and all things presents Earth. I hope you have been a BLESSING on Earth.
  7. I will be with Forgiveness.Gratitude in the TENT of Eternal Light Presence and so, you may experience a vision of lit up heart glowing within you, that is Us.Energy as I set into motion through Gratitude the transition/transformation/transfiguration of “thought be-come things” & “things be-come thought”, mainly, so you know, that nothing you are now experiencing in the name of Earth Kingdom Love is without Purpose.
  8. I know you have questions, WRITE them down and speak “Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression” upon them and through the gift of Forgiveness.Wisdom you will RECEIVE that which you will be able to BELIEVE is true for you and through your sharing with others will be-come true for the Earth Kingdom.
  9. Speak words of Eternal Light often: Imagination, Forgiveness, Us, Power, Faith, Gratitude, Love, Wisdom and Confidence, to these will be added all the expansions of the 4 Kingdoms of Eternal, Internal, External and Earth and you will awaken to my presence or absence, easily and effortlessly.
  10. I will be communicating sometimes in Knewmerology so you begin learning the art of communicating with the energy in numbers. Yes, the old number systems are now dissolved, a lot of it, was for-given to support the masculine era of Imagination, which is PASSED to make way for the Feminine Era of Forgiveness, which means, that all THINGS Earth Imagined into BEING, now, will be healing their Masculine HisStory to introduce and live the era of HerStory. Sounds like a fun worplay, right, this is what is the exciting part of the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression in play.
  11. Relationships are going to be re:paired this month, Re:Pairing, means, vibrational matches are going to find each other. This is wonderful news for those of you who have patiently waited for the proverbial “Perfect.Partner”, just a quick word of caution, focus on the THOUGHT about your Perfect.Partner, that is HOW Faith & I can work with you, the problem is that YOU have a PERSON (THING) not the THOUGHT about the PERSON (THING) you DESIRE. You are created in the image and Likeness of Eternal Light, and so, every energetic detail is begins with Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action any-thing that already exists in-form is given FREE-WILL, to either PRESENT or ABSENT in accordance to CHOICES THINGS make.
  12. I will be bringing to your personal awareness of your Internal Kingdom “Thoughts Be-Come Things” of Masculine (Thought.Action-Ability) and Feminine (Emotion.Pause-Ability) that are now waiting for you to re:turn Gratitude that you may meet them in Balance.
  13. This the Month where I will be-come the communication and you become the Us.Energy of Love or the Manifest.Evolution of Eternal Light, awakened to your Divine Beginnings.
  14. As Gratitude be-comes the Pause with Forgiveness, we the Divine Masculine be-come her Imagine-Action.Confidence and Communication on Earth!
  15. I will also be teaching you, to build a relationship with THINGS, so that the things given unto you may be vibrational match to your NEED to come into harmony with COMMUNICATION that connects you to IT!


This Forgiveness.Wisdom Be-Comes Presence day, I had an epiphany of sorts… and I decided to put this up as a status update:

I just realised that I have never been in a relationship, relationship.

I have never actually fallen in Love or stayed long enough to feel loved.

And it cannot be a commitment phobia issue… I am in committed to more lives than I can count.

What does it mean really… To be in a relationship with another person? What is it like to be in a relationship? Who decides? What Decides?


I have managed to spend most of my day, in THOUGHT really… and there was NO-THING, that made it go away… till I re-read point No. 11… the answer… to all the questions I have, so I smiled… So, I decided to make a picture to remind me that HE (Love)  will always have the Answer



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