Forgiveness.Wisdom: Be-In-Gratitude is Us Presence

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness Inhale:Wisdom Exhale: Gratitude is Us BreatheOut: Presence

Friday Gratitude is Us, Presence, TwinFlame Union energy of “Being Us”. Forgiveness Be-Comes 1 OF Eternal Light, Imagination 2, Being Us Presence, each Friday. Exciting, that a few weeks ahead of now, we’ll be breathing in the Nature.Of.Wisdom Templates and may not remember, the journey, so awed by the destination.

Each Friday, since I began on 10th Jan 2015, I was 37 then, I began to notice, Friday, first, it was about being the day I was born… today, well, the excitement of the Journey, One Imagination at a time from One Friday to the other… and look at the Communication shifting is a gift of Imagination, noticing the day, then it became about noticing the date, then it became about noticing the month, then it became about the year, then came the gift of knewmerology, then came… the gift of being able to see the patterns, then came the Knew.Earth, then came the Union, Being Gratitude, Being Gratitude of Love, well, if I were to tell you the whole story, we’d need a book!

Today, as I receive the day energy, I am awed by the journey and am going to Pause here… its like life for me is a FRIday Forgiveneness.Restores.Imagination.Day of my life. I often wonder, how many of us actually manage to notice the Thoughts and Things that occur, on the day we were born, the date we were born, the month we were born and the year of our birth…?

Many moments where I wanted to give up, but my heart found a way to make TIME (Trust.In.Me), how many people have laughed at ME for living in my Imagination. How many times my Imagination has let me down. So many parts of my life have just shattered into pieces… and yet my Heart says “Trust.In.ME” and I said “Yes”… Your will be Done. How many times, I have been reminded that at 2 years, my answer to any question was “I know, Because Jesus wants it”, today the same sentence speaks differently to ME. “I know because G’sUs wants it” … Gratitude is Us… is Jesus for me.

My favourite, part of this month, well, the day Love declares Gratitude All THINGS. Changed the very relationship with Things. I see them as Gratitude and they see me I guess as someone who sees them as they are… Gratitude. Not one thing, I begin to realise, is NOT Gratitude. SomeONE is saying “ThankYou” for it… and it is fascinating, that even a tiny number of people, who are Thank-Filled for a THING, sustain it!

Look at a vegetable, when it is FRESH we buy them feeling good and they fill us up. When the vegetable looses it’s freshness, well, the appeal makes both the vegetable sad and us. However, even for those vegetables, there is hope, that there is someone who NEEDS it and its own withering will bring the price low enough for that ONE person, who will take it home and consume it.

It is also, fascinating that Forgiveness is the Darkness, Eternal Light creates ALL THINGS of Imagination.Thought.Action, quite fascinating. It is also now, becoming clear, that darkness/forgiveness has returned to Eternal Light to be filled again, that Imagination may receive. To think, that we’re now stepping into the days of all our Imagination coming true… WOW. Both fascinating and scary… TwinFlame Unions of Love and Gratitude become Presence and today for-give unto Wisdom to be called the PRESENCE of Forgiveness.GratitudeIsUs. Tomorrow Forgiveness.Confidence Be-Comes-Imagination.Confidence of Prayer (MUST READ Forgiveness.Gratitude Be-Comes Wisdom) so you can relay8 to how the number Eight of Wisdom has begun to reveal things to us. Never, thought, that the one thing I hated about the language of SMS will begin to become the language of Presence of Wisdom in COMMUNICATION or Come-Union-In-Action of Words of Numbers.

Today, I invite you to step into the journey of the day you were Born and invite yourself to the the Journey of Being (Day Energy/DateEnergy) to Being Us of NoW (Nature.Of.Wisdom) ONE/WON (Wisdom.Of.Nature)


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