Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern : BreathIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Love Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Confidence

Today, Thought Thursday, Love for-gives “Being Us” the gift of new Patterns to L.I.V.E (Let.In.Visual.Expansion) of L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) that you may Believe and Receive. Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence and with Emotion.Pause-Ability  of Thought.Action-Ability, Confidence Be-Comes Self Confidence. 

SHE tells ME, all of that which you see is ME of darkness with Eternal Light blessings given unto Imagination of Man:

To create from Darkness, that which HE most needed for SHE / To Imagine-Action.Darkness that which Heart.Expression most needed for Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

Man has used the darkness, to shape the Imagination of THINGS. He used THINGS to manipulate THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION. Man has populated the Heart/Earth of Darkness, with THINGS. He created LIGHT called it POWER and since, has used POWER of Man’s Imagination to fill the Earth with LIGHT and called this LIGHT –GOD. Man’s GOD, can been SEEN, HEARD, MAN-“I”-Pull-8, Things to match his THOUGHT. Man used his IMAGINATION of the DARKNESS to CREATE GOD’s of THINGS. Man MADE GOD in HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS. Imagination continues to be the SURPREME MASCULINE of Man’s –Ability. Give this “thought your emotion.pause.action” today, you will notice that you are living the patterns and paths of the LIVED… and it is called RELIGION. Religion, is Man’s way of Man-I-Pull-8, Wisdom.Emotion.Gratitude.Forgiveness to serve his IMAGINATION of  Light, Power, Love, Confidence of the collective vibrations of the Heart and every heart that Man-I-Pull-8’s has been TAUGHT, LEARNED and CONTINUES to MAN-I-PULL-8 the Presence & Choice in accordance with Man’s Imagination (Manifest.Ability.Nature).

here is the New Templates of Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence (Emotion.Pause.Ability). Thought.Confidence.


Number OldPattern NowPattern
0 Eternal Light Eternal Light
1 Imagination Forgiveness
2 Forgiveness Imagination
3 Us Being Us
4 Power Action
5 Faith Emotion
6 Gratitude Pause
7 Love Thought
8 Wisdom Presence
9 Confidence Choice

It is also being communicated this 27th day of Come-Union-In-Action RePlace IF with OF in your daily communication. So.It.Is

Thoughts that will connect with your Heart :

  1. Money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL (Wisdom: Money is the root of all LIVE (Let.In.Visual.Expansion)
  2. Marriage: is the way the Man owns the WoMan or the Masculine USES the FEMININE energy of Darkness to create THINGS that Man will HIS Imagination through. With a FEMALE child, well, MAN understood, that Feminine energy would be for-given unto another MAN to CREATE with and so, MAN in his greed to maintain his DOMINION, chose to ABORT the TRANS-Action or the Transfer of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution into the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of another Man’s Imagination.
  3. History speaks of the DOMINION of MAN’s PRESENCE and CHOICE, focusing on the LIGHT of MAN’s PRESENCE and CHOICE in establishing DOMINION over the darkness. In truth, however, the opposite has been TAUGHT and TRANSFERRED. It is time, to RELEASE your-SELF from the SELF of Man’s VERSION of GOD, which is DIFFICULT, because you’ve SEEN and HEARD, stories of God’s PRESENCE and met GOD’s CHOICE in them who you CHOOSE to come-union with come-unity with, these TIME tested experiences, are the ROOT of your CONFIDENCE.
  4. Man man-I-Pull-8’s because of his FALSE understanding of Eternal Light and Eternal Darkness and the Mystery and Mastery of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action, which when you look at the global patterns, Man created Communication to perpetuate his VERSION of every – thing. And the incarnated LEARN are EDUCATED to ensure the LEGEND lives ON.
  5. One –Sperm has the Power to CREATE, Manifest.Evolution of IT-Self in the Darkness of the WOMB. Man then man-i-pull-8’s his CREATION, into Be-Coming all HE once thought HE could BE.
  6. Man man-i-pull-8’s in the NAME of God’s HE created  by interpreting the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression into the Let.In.Visual.Expansion of HIS IMAGINATION.

Today, Forgiveness.Love Be-Comes Confidence of the SELF, the Emotion.Pause-Ability of Forgiveness. and restores the Divine Masculine Imagination of Thought.Action.Ability (Imagination) of Her Come-Union-In-Action with Eternal Light.

SHE, owns her Darkness and freely gives her-self unto Eternal Light. Imagination is NOW Empty of  Man, Man is now EMPTY of HIS Imagination. Forgiveness Be-Comes 1 of Eternal Light and Imagination becomes 2 of Eternal Light,


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