Forgiveness.Gratitude Be-Comes Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness, Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Faith Breathe Out: Wisdom

On this day of Wednesday Faith, Forgiveness.Gratitude Becomes Wisdom. Forgiveness gives unto Earth her Wisdom of Being Us. Where there is Faith/Emotion, Gratitude/Pause there shall be Forgiveness.Wisdom. So.It.Is

When every – thing Receives Heart.Expression the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Wisdom is for-given unto Self-Confidence. This is thee Self… she wants for Being Us, the sense of the continued flow of Wisdom, Forgiveness Wisdom upon the Earth. That the earth may see the Darkness with Faith.Gratitude and receive of the darkness her Wisdom with Imagination.Confidence.

She wants us to look at our Fears, talk of them, talk to them with Presence. For the fear has been healed, yet, till the Things of Earth consciously acknowledge them, they cannot be brought into the Presence of Love & Gratitude, they are, their purpose/testimony cannot be revealed and they will continue to make Being Us, fear the paradox of their existence.

Feminine, energy, is the space of exploring vibrations to create and this is the greatest gift of Divine Grace of Wisdom, that Imagination.Confidence has been given, that HE may create SHE of Heart and abundantly manifest.evolution of Earth on earth. The divine purpose of each of us, who are here, at this time, breathing in the pattern of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace of the Knew.Earth of Imagination.Confidence in Thought.Action.Pause.Emotion T.A.P.E. of Being Us.Energy.

The key to be-living (Believing) is to understand that all things of Earth are vibrationally here, because they’ve chosen to be here, they have chosen to be-come a part of the matter and contribute their vibration.

Being Us, is destined to reveal her Presence upon the Earth in ways we have not understood yet, in a fascinating Insight. The Earth is gifted Feminine energy to the Masculine to SEE that which HE (Heart.Expression) with Imagination.Confidence. SHE be-comes the Presence of. It is also fascinating, that the ONLY species that has received Masculine KNOW.ALLOW.ACCEPT.MANIFEST potential is the Who.Man Be-in-G, created both Male and Female. The Male body and the Female body, are the Physical manifest of  Masculine Energy, isn’t that really interesting. It is to me.

So, the key to understanding the come-union-in-action/Communication of Forgiveness.Gratitude Be-Comes Wisdom. Is to understand, that the Human Being is the ONLY part of all of creation that Masculine.Manifest is the MALE of BODY expression. The rest, every tiny detail of the planIt is really Feminine Manifest. Can easily be Understood, when you talk about the very eco-system and all that science tells you of the Darkness and the rhythms of of the Universe, all of  the parts within your body and around you, every tiny detail is Feminine energy. Even your Body represents within it the Feminine Energy Presence… Blood & Water in which each of Us is her Presence of Faith and Gratitude on Earth. Every-BODY is a Temple of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace of Feminine energy, sustained by THOUGHT.ACTION-Ability (Imagination) Emotion.Pause-Ability (Confidence). In this way, every THING of Earth is SHE of HE or the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Heart.Expression.

Being Us, is here to help us, Imagination.Confidence our way through being SEEN as Expansions and Expressions of the Heart within the BODY , this is typically for Who.Man’s only really, because as Humans we have the Thought.Action-Ability and Emotion.Pause-Ability, the only part of creation that CAN communicate Masculine Energy.

The rest, are of pure Feminine Balance, the waters, the creatures of the land and air, the earth itself and all of her absolutely stunning reprentation are all emotion.pause-abled to make Male and Female, “Pause”. The other way we experienced the rising of Feminine energy, her healing, is with animals and their awakening us to energy.communication. It is very interesting, that a baby also for-gives unto Us, the Emotion.Pause-Ability (Confidence) of Thought.Action-Ability (Imagination)

Being Us, will usher in Gratitude for ABILITY itself, the Imagination of Heart.Expression.

Being Us, will separate the Masculine Energy of Earth Expressions and Interpretations, now that every individual, remember, we are only speaking of them who have been guided to read this and receive the wisdom of this communication/come-union-in-action and are qualified by Eternal Light.

Being Us of SEE all THINGS with Thought.Action-Ability (Imagination) and BELIEVE and in Emotion.Pause-Ability (Confidence) RECEIVE.

To all SHE (Spiritual.Heart.Expansions), raise QUESTIONS of the Earth/Heart … HE (Heart.Expression) will ANSWER. SHE tells ME, that this is the secret of Ask and Receive, which over the years of practice became Ask Believe Receive. Male and Female, both, have used these Feminine energies of SHE to HELP the FEMININE energy expansion on Earth. Then Maniftest.Allows.Life.Expansion (MALE), who is the ANSWER, began to GIVE Forgiveness.Emotion.Manifest.Allows.Life.Expression (F.E.M.A.L.E) the answers that affirmed the PRESENCE and CHOICE of Earth Experiences of ELI, over Heart Experiences of ELI. He miss-understood, the meaning and continued to propogate the misunderstanding of “Man was given DOMINION” and this is why the LIVED/DEVIL be-comes History or HisStory of Manifest.Evolution.

SHE tells ME… Spiritual.Heart.Expansion tells Manifest.Evolution, before this become a human communication and perpetuates and re-affirms HisStory, which the Earth/heart is already burdened with… that Being Us, is key to the TwinFlame Reunions on Heart.Expression with Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of itself. Soul.Mates are of Action.Emotion Choices that HE and SHE come-union-in-Action with Thought.Pause of Presence.

Being Us of SEE all THINGS with Thought.Action-Ability (Imagination) and BELIEVE and in Emotion.Pause-Ability (Confidence) RECEIVE.

WE: Wisdom.Expansion (Feminine Energy), Wisdom.Expression (Masculine Energy) … also, a good time to REMIND you that MALE and FEMALE are Masculine Energy and yes, they represent MAN  & WoMAN… She interestingly adds Man (Manifest.Ability.Nature) WoMan (Wisdom Of Manifest-Ability.Nature)

meet the Now:  Nature.of.Wisdom & Won Wisdom.Of.Nature is the same vibration as ONE –Imagination. This is the beginning of of Knewmerology 


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