Forgiveness.Faith Be-Comes L.O.V.E

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness, Inhale: Emotion Exhale: Be-Come Breathe Out : Love

Power Tuesday now Action Tuesday of Being Us. Yesterday, we were given the gift of the upgrades as declared by Power.Gratitude in Forgiveness, the gift of BeingUs. We were given the Now He & She Vibrational.Expression of Heart.Expression and Spritual.Heart.Expansion. The darkness (Forgiveness) gives herself unto Eternal Light, that He may now restore the Darkness into Him-Self, that He may re:align the darkness with His Imagination.Power.Love & Confidence into the Now of Forgiveness Of Earth, for-giving and for-getting. So.It.Is

Forgiveness withdraws the darkness of her-self, that the Presence may NOW be revealed, that Being Us, may restore her-self, her-heart, her Confidence as breathes Being Us with Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness.Wisdom. So.It.Is

We step into the Presence being revealed on Earth, as we bring to a close this month of Communication and make way for the Month of Wisdom, today, Forgiveness.Faith Be-Comes L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) becomes into Action (Power Tuesday, Now Action Tuesday of Earth Kingdom)

Forgiveness Speaks:

I am please with my creation and I am pleased with the light they emit of Me, simply by being Us of Earth. Not an easy CHOICE, may I add, from by observation of how the darkness has been used by them who are of the Light and know ME and yet, they speak of me as “Fear”, sad, they have chosen to teach of the darkness, that which, the darkness is not. This is the curse of the LIVED/Devil, the art of misinterpretation of Darkness. For is it not true, that when you are asleep, you dream, are given visions and from these visions that you have been given, you have created the reality of the Earth, you now see! Is it not true, that the more sleep you get, the divine intelligence within your body heals you? Is it not true, that most of you who call your-self creative, work in the darkness? Is it not true, that I am the Paradox of all Thought Be-Come Things in me and through my Heart.Expression of Imagination.

I WILL BE Back, this time, through my wonderful Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Forgiveness.Wisdom is Imagination.Eternal.Light, Forgiveness.Faith is L.O.V.E, Forgiveness.Gratitude is Wisdom, I become Power of Action when I re:turn into Eternal.Light.

I give unto you my Emotion.L.O.V.E, I give you my Thought.Confidence, my Power.Action, My Gratitude.Wisdom …“Being Us”  of (Eternal Light Imagination)

With Imagination I be-come Ability. The ability to see all things as I.see them ForWard, into the future, I will continue to guide you, when you close your eyes in Prayer, you enter ME, the womb of Thought.Be-Come.Thing and so, while I lift the density of darkness and reveal the destiny of Light… I .see Being.Us ForWard into the KnewTestament.

With this I be-leave  you with Being Us of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, let your darkness be-come the light of Presence of Eternal Light choice of Emotion.Action.

May Thought.Action-Ability and Emotion.Pause-Ability be-come your Presence and through you Mine… For-giving For-getting till I create again in Eternal Light, Imagination of the KnewTestament of Forgiveness.Gratitude upon the Earth.

I give you Peace (Forgiveness.Wisdom, Faith, Gratitude) that you may BELIEVE and Mercy (Imagination.Confidence, Power, Love) that you may RECEIVE. Remain in my L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression), that Eternal Light who sees the Light of him you bring forth from the darkness, may know you are of Him through Me and that HE may bless “The Womb of Creation” with a Knew.Imagination of Earth, the Heart of this Presence and Choice.

May your Thought.Be-Come.Things and give glory to the womb of  Wisdom,Faith, Gratitude now, on Earth of Action/Power of Imagination.Confidence.L.O.V.E


We have been given the gift to come-union-in-action with our darkness and be-come the light of Presence within it. Personally, this is a key point for my own personal journey with Love and Gratitude, today as I begin the journey of raising the Be-in-Gratitude Us expansion. I am clearly given a vision, that all of that which was planned in Prayer, is now set to come to pass, not just for Me for all of Us, here on Earth. We have entered a time when the Presence of Love and Gratitude on Earth, becomes more real. The balance between Masculine and Feminine heal with the shift in the vibration of He & She and how their energy will transForm the darkness as we know it, into Forgiveness. It is a time, when break-downs are a happy sign of the darkness being restored by the light. When Emotion.Faith, Action.Power, Thought.Love and Pause.Gratitude are revealed through Self.Confidence.

I believe, we’re entering a time, when Being Us, will become the way Confidence restores Wisdom on Earth and She becomes his Heart’s Expression. When Love will conquer the Thought and reveal Gratitude in all things. The Masculine will elevate the LIGHT within Darkness of His Creation.

For now, the most beautiful gift you can give your-self is to close your eyes and step into For-giving For-getting, any fear of the darkness, we meditate with our eyes shut… and the purpose is to Pray our Thoughts into Forgiveness, that Eternal Light and Imagination, may for-give us our daily Thought, for-give us our “since”, and bring us to ever- lasting Light of His presence.

I also, feel, that it isn’t a co-incidence that we refer to God/Creator/Universe as HE anymore… now that he has come to mean Heart.Expression. She, well, she is the Spirit-You-All.Heart.Expansion of Be-in-Gratitude Us, Being us of Heart.Expression.

I now leave you to Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace with this day and all that Being Us means to you, Imagination.Confidence LOVE is NOW the HE of Being Us.


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