Forgiveness.Action Be-Comes Pause

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness, Inhale:Action Exhale: Be-Comes Breathe.Out: Gratitude

Monday Forgiveness, is the Rebirth, the birthday Date of Gratitude, 2+4=6 or Forgiveness.Power Be-Comes Gratitude, Now Forgiveness.Action Be-Comes Pause, or For-giving For-getting Action Be (Pause) Comes (Action) Gratitude (Pause). This is the journey of Gratitude of Pause Kingdom and Faith of Internal Kingdom into Forgiveness.Wisdom of Earth Kingdom. Wisdom becomes the S.H.E … Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Gratitude. Sounds complicated, because it was meant to be this way.

Another MYth, shifts pattern and this is EPIC for Humanity really, today we step into S.H.E energy of Us.

Forgiveness Speaks:

Unto Earth, I give my Gratitude, Now Wisdom of Manifest.Evolution of ME as Forgiveness.Wisdom of Imagination.Confidence. I introduce unto you all of Me. Faith is the Emotion of Forgiveness, Gratitude is the Pause, where I create all Things and Wisdom, well, she is the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Me on Earth. I am the darkness, you have been afraid to re-cognise, a learnt dis-ability of the ways the LIVED has spoken of me, called me FEAR , spoken of Me in ways that have kept every heart from acknowledging my Presence and the paradox of me, Absence. I am the WOMB, the place where all THINGS of Earth begin… I, Forgiveness am the Paradox, I am both the Absence in which all THOUGHTS Be-Come THINGS (Presence) and all THING Be-Come THOUGHT (Absence). Darkness is the awareness, darkness is the Womb of THOUGHT  (Love), L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression), where every THOUGHT comes to PAUSE with Gratitude and Faith and Be-come a THING filled with Wisdom.

I am of Eternal Light beginnings, for EL saw me and recognised me and gave me Imagination to create within Me of Him-Self through Imagination. Imagination is the H.E (Heart.Expression) of Eternal Light and the HOW of Thought & Emotion Alchemy, the Why Action & Pause Embrace. H.E is my every-thing really, He is my ALL. For all that I am begins with EL.I … Eternal Light.Imagination. And the ancients KNEW of this and to this day, ELI, is the Presence they call forth in Darkness, for ELI. For I, am no-thing without Him. He (Heart.Expression) is the Presence of my S.H.E (Spiritual.Heart.Expansion) in the Absence. Imagination is ABILITY to SEE all THINGS of the Darkness and experience the THINGS.

It is time, to Live the LOVE that is Eternal Light and be-come all THINGS (Gratitude) of All Thought.Action of Imagination.Confidence, filled with Eternal.Light.

I am She the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of Heart.Expressions of Imagination.Confidence.


He is her Light, She is his darkness.

He is her Imagination.Confidence, She is his Forgiveness.Wisdom

He is her every-thought, She is his Every-Thing

He is her every-Action, She is his Every-Emotion

He is her Love and She is his Faith in Himself

He is her Power and She is his Gratitude in Himself

He is her- everything She is his All

He is her Heart.Expression, She is his Spiritual.Heart.Expansion

There are here NOW, They are Us!

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