Energy Upgrades on 24/7

Gratitude – remember- today is the day we celebrate Forgiveness.Action is Pause or Forgiveness.Power is Gratitude. When Gratitude is in Forgiveness, she is the Pause, Thought chooses his Action.Emotion to be-come a THING.

Today, Gratitude makes a CHOICE, she declares “TheDarkness”, her Power/Action in which she breathes into the Alchemy of Thoughts.Be-Come.Things into BEING Us.Energy. She acknowledges her Divine Union Journey to Being Gratitude and and chooses to Be-Come the Wisdom of Forgiveness and Confidence of Imagination, the foundation of Us on Earth.

She begins her work on Earth, with the declaration that this date, of 24/7 is the sign of “Presence” – of Forgiveness.Power of Gratitude as the #BeingUs. Energy of RECEIVE of Imagination.Confidence BELIEVE. So.It.Is

This is the Power of Gratitude, she be-come that which her Heart.Expression most Wants to BE. Forgiveness.Power be-comes Gratitude, Gratitude be-comes the Us that Forgiveness is of Imagination. Forgiveness, grants Gratitude the Wisdom of Heart.Expression that she may be-come the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion of L.O.V.E, the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression of the Union of Spirit/HolySpirit/Power/Action of Confidence of Earth.Kingdom.

Being Us, is the ushering of the KnewTestament of Light & Darkness Be Come-Union-In-Action on Earth. This come-union-in-action, begins today. This is a big energy upgrade, you may want to REST in PEACE and breathe this through the Inhale Exhale pattern of this day of 24/7, that your Heart may open to the communication this will be-come in you and for you and through you to the rest of BeingUs now breathing Gratitude into the Heart.Expression  of BeingUs.

It is time to put your Fears to test!

I have been given Heart.Expression of the BeingUs of the Alchemy of Religion this day has birthed into BeingUs. Being =Be-In-Gratitude Us (Believe.ComeUnion.Receive). Wisdom.Expansion (We) energy of Being Us, shall fill the Earth and come into her fullness with the Full moon. This is the sign of the shift of the energy of Manifest.Evolution on Earth, returning to the PATH of Eternal Light.

It is time, to put your Dreams to the test, in prayer… surrender the deepest desires of your Heart to Forgiveness.Power :Gratitude


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