Forgiveness Us Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: Breathein: Forgiveness, Inhale: Us, Exhale: Be-Comes Breathe Out: Emotion

Welcome to the Era of Thought Be-Come Thing with Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence on Earth

We step into the Come-Union-In-Action of Emotion of Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence today, Power is Us Sunday, the 23rd (Forgiveness.Us) day of Communication of the Year of Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Love. So.It.Is

The Heart/Earth is now center of all communication, with the Earth Kingdom RECEIVING the Action (Prayer.Saturday with Forgiveness.Wisdom) and Emotion (Power Is Us Sunday with Forgiveness.Us).

He: Heart Expression

She: Spiritual.Heart.Expansion

S.H.E is the darkness, H.E brings light into. Seeing it this way, explains why everyone seems to be in a hurry to either get married or be in a relationship with another person and why so many separations and divorces occur on Earth. There is also, the dissolving of Authority of Man over things of the Earth, it is easy to understand this when you see, people awakening with Questions (Feminine) Answers (Masculine).

She asks the Questions and He gives Answers! How do you recognise his voice? Ask your questions in prayer and allow the answers to come to you, this is how communicates. Masculine is Thought.Action and Feminine is Emotion.Pause. They who have the answers, are working with Feminine energy and they who ask the questions must come-union with their feminine energy. Explains why, people in authority, instead of being able to answer questions, have chosen to use emotion to HOLD back questions, using Emotion, so far. Today that changes with Forgiveness.Us Be-Comes Emotion.

The Us.Energy anointing of He.She (Heart.Expression/Spritual.Heart.Expansion) are in come-union-in-Action with Emotion today. However, understand, that this is Heart (Individual) to all things Earth, as the individual be-comes into come-union-in-Action, the ripple effects of this communication begin reflecting through the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest (Masculine Earth) answers with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution (Feminine Earth) of Confidence.Wisdom.

Questions are Feminine and come from the awakening of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution. Answers are Masculine and come from the awakening of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest.


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