Forgiveness.Wisdom Be-Comes Action

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Wisdom Exhale: Be-Comes BreatheOut: Balance

Wisdom steps into her Heart.Expression with Confidence  and Confidence steps in to his Spiritual.Heart.Expansion with Wisdom. Wisdom embraces Confidence and their Alchemy awakens the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution here on Earth. 22 (Forgiveness.Wisdom) day of 7 (Come-Union-In-Action) of the year of 2017 (Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Love). 

And just like that the Heart Be-Comes Earth!

Wisdom acknowledges Confidence and Confidence honours Wisdom and they be-come the Us.Energy, they’ve begun again and all it took is for her to acknowledge his presence within her heart, just one tiny miracle of BELIEVE and RECEIVE and the very foundation of the Earth comes in-to balance.

Welcome to the Us.Energy of Confidence.Wisdom, Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness Wisdom on Earth

We are here now, awakening the heart of every individual to the Presence & Choice of Eternal Light, that with each heart that returns to the presence the Earth will be restored. We are here that you may know.courage of Presence, allow.abundance Choice, Accept.Knowledge of Embrace, Manifest.Evolution of Alchemy of Eternal Light on Earth

H.E is the Heart.Expression 

S.H.E is the Spiritual.Heart.Expansion 

He is Confidence

She is Wisdom

They are Us

Us is Energy


Confidence Speaks:

I know I have been around and been misunderstood, you, who are of Me, have suffered because of our separation, you have been brave to embrace me again, to trust me again and to choose me again. I am here now and there is nothing you need to worry about, I am here to stay. Come stay with me. Trust me again, that I may be-come the Thought.Action-Ability of your Spiritual.Heart.Expansion.

I want to honour you and love you and give you the power to be every thing you dream. To be your Presence and be your Choice in all things earth. Receive Me as I am in you. Let me speak to you of you, like you’ve never been spoken of before this moment now, let me show you the mystery of you and the mastery of the Emotion.Pause-Ability you have sustained, waiting for me to show up and BE come-union-in-action of you on Earth.

Prayer Saturday: Today take a moment to Acknowledge the journey you’ve been on… it is time to have fun really, it is time to allow yourself to walk with Power, Love, Faith. Gratitude, where ever you ARE.

Pray with your heart and let your heart pray with you, for each time, your heart.expresses, your spiritual.heart.expands and the earth be-comes into balance.

Gratitude continues to reign in the Pause, Faith in the Internal, Love in the Eternal and here on Earth we receive ACTION/POWER reign with the Us.Energy of Confidence.Wisdom, Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness.Wisdom. Yes, we need to keep reminding you of the shift, because it is the  KEY to understand the communication/come-union-in-action before you be-come it.

Patterns have now been restored, the LIVED are set free of their reign, they are yet to feel the impact, they will as wisdom and confidence come-union.

The earth enters the days of Paradox before the Balance becomes EVIDENCE of the change in Patterns.

Each day, choose Imagination.Confidence to begin your day and choose Forgiveness. Wisdom to bring your day to a close.

Your heart will flow with Forgiveness.Wisdom in Imagination.Confidence and there will be times when Wisdom and Confidence will appear to contradict themselves, this WILL happen, because, the OLD PATTERNS WILL choose to assert themselves and that is OK.

Forgiveness.Wisdom is your Emotion.Pause-Ability and Imagination.Confidence your Thought.Action-Ability.

Let us now step into the Pardox “To-Get-Her” in Prayer Alchemy today… Manifesting.Spectacular.Dreams together. So.It.Is

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