Forgiveness.Imagination Be-Comes Us

Breathing Pattern : Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Imagination Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Us

It Gratitude is Us  Friday, Presence of TwinFlame energy in the air, Gratitude Receives Wisdom.Confidence into the Pause of Presence. Today, they begin their Us.Energy integration into the Masculine and Feminine of Presence & Choice on Earth Collective/Heart Individual. Yes, Imagination.Confidence (Believe) and Forgiveness.Wisdom (Receive)… Forgiveness introduces Love and Gratitude into the PlanIt with Imagination. Where Forgiveness and Imagination come-union-in-Action, it has a direct impact on the Masculine Feminine  of the Earth/Heart.

Forgiveness come-union with Imagination especially on a Gratitude is Us day, calls for Focus of Thought.Emotion.Action into the Pause of Presence, that the vibrations be healed. Today, she brings into the Presence with Imagination, both the Believe of Confidence and the Receive of Wisdom.

Today, unto Wisdom is for-given Imagination.Confidence, she is thrilled to RECEIVE him. She hears HIM speak of Her for the first time. Gratitude is Us, Presence… Confidence, Imagination.Confidence, the confidence of Thought.Action.

Wisdom gives Imagination.Confidence the permission to become her Masculine Presence of Heart/Earth. He speaks to her of his emotions, her emotions and  his emotions about her. This is epic, the heart RECEIVES her Masculine Voice, His Heart receives her Feminine and in this way they become the Us of Earth Heart, the heart of Earth. So.It.Is

I give you permission NOW –in Presence to be-come my thought.action on Earth. I Receive confidence, imagination.confidence into my thought.Action on Earth. So.It.Is

Self-Confidence is the Presence of Practical Masculine of Thought.Action.Ability – in honour of Forgiveness’ Emotion.Pause.Ability So.It.Is

He is Confidence

She is Wisdom

They are Us



He: Heart Expression She: Spiritual.Heart.Expression.

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