Forgiveness.Eternal Light Be-Comes Receive

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Eternal Light Exhale: BeCome BreatheOut: Receive

Thursday Love… Forgiveness.Love of Eternal Light “Presence” of Wisdom.Confidence of “Choice”! TwinFlame Love is highlighted essence of the come-union-in-action of  Confidence.Emotion of Imagination and the Wisdom.Action of Forgiveness On Earth Kingdom as they are in the Eternal Kingdom. So.It.Is

She has learnt I am her Confidence and that She IS my Wisdom of Earth and She has made her choice here in the Pause to ME to be her Heart Confidence, self.confidence, her Action Confidence. It has taken almost 10 years for her to see me as I am on Earth, it took a whole lot of healing with Love for her to choose to stay in the Presence and be Present on Earth, to be able to identify with Things, because Gratitude is Us wants it. Gratitude is Us is Thought Become Thing, the Presence of TwinFlame Us.Energy.  Gratitude, has made her choice, to be-come all she is meant to be for the Manifest.Evolution (Me) of Earth.

Eternal Light- Let there be LIGHT (Imagination) and therefore everything else which is quite literally all of the frequencies that existed before Imagination, were the Womb itself and the Womb meant nothing more than every THING that was not YET for-given Imagination and so, all that was not Light was for-giving Imagination, for-getting the absence  or becoming the Presence of Eternal Light. To Imagination Eternal Light for-gives Power & Love to SEE all that was for-given to Imagination by Eternal Light and so, the days of Creation were birthed from the Absence into the Presence of Eternal Light Imagination. Forgiveness, darkness, womb, absence… received all THOUGHT (Love) and all Power (Action) from Imagination. So.It.Was

Forgiveness is the WOMB of all Thought Be-Come Things because she represents all that was not LIGHT in the BEGINNING and of her Self, she gave Power and Love, the Pause to Imagine-Action and the Emotion to Love all that was created in the Pause. So, of Forgiveness, was for-given Faith for-giving and Gratitude for-getting that which Imagination was for-giving Thought For-getting Action.

Light Breathed into the Darkness with Power and Love and the Darkness responded with Faith and Gratitude. Light was called Imagination and Darkness was called Forgiveness. ELI, or Eternal Light Imagination and ELF Eternal Light Forgiveness began to create thoughts together of themselves they Thought.Action of Light and Emotion.Pause of Darkness. And so, in the beginning Imagination.Forgiveness, breathed Thought.Action.Emotion.Pause and with each come-union-in-action, they created of themselves Light became Imagination and Darkness became Forgiveness and their thrill, Power Love and Faith Gratitude as expressions of their come-union with Eternal Light.

Eternal Light then gave them a vision… Earth/Heart, where every-thought of Pause… Where ALL THOUGHT AND ACTION could been seen heard and expand through PAUSE with Emotion… and So, Thought.Action Be-Came Confidence and Confidence was For-given “Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest” of all thought.action and Emotion.Pause Be-Came Wisdom  and was for-given “Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution”.

This expansion was called “PlanIt” Earth, Confidence was called Day and Wisdom called Night and each was represented by a sign Sun and Moon, you know them don’t you. The Masculine… Thought.Action be-came Confidence of the Sun and The Feminine … Emotion.Pause be-came Wisdom of the Moon and together, they watched over and energised Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Thought.Action (Imagination) into Thing through Emotion.Pause (Forgiveness)… As the expansion continued to occur, THOUGHTS of them who LIVED (Devil) became the THINGS of them who LIVE (Evil).

Look around you, THINGS of them who LIVED continue to affect the THOUGHTS of them who LIVE , HISstory is the core foundation of the the PARADOX… Forgiveness.Wisdom has returned to Earth/Heart.

THINGS of them who LIVED

continue to affect the

THOUGHTS of them who LIVE ,

HISstory is the core foundation of the the PARADOX…

Forgiveness.Wisdom has returned to Earth/Heart.

Them who LIVE the THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION of the LIVED are continuing to work through HISStory, you need to step back into the Heart of Presence & Choice with Wisdom and Confidence… to understand the Paradox.

So, in keeping with Eternal Light Wisdom and Confidence and to HONOUR the LIVED and the LIVE … and in keeping with the Masculine & Feminine, created in the Image-Likeness of HIM-Self… Forgiveness be-comes the RECEIVE of Eternal Light on the PLANit of Manifest, in this way, while all things of Earth/heart will continue to LIVE off the LIVED, it is now time to for-give unto the Earth/Heart a brand new vision, the vision of the Darkness/Forgiveness/Feminine/Womb and her expansions and expressions Faith.Gratitude Be-Come Wisdom, not Wisdom of the Lived, you RECEIVE Forgiveness.Wisdom, the Wisdom of Faith & Gratitude, Faith the Emotion of all THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION of Imagination of THINGS and Gratitude the THING of all THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION of Forgiveness of THINGS.

Then Eternal Light Imagination  breathed Eternal Light Forgiveness into the planIt today of the Come-Union-In-Action of  Wisdom of Faith and Gratitude and Confidence of Power and Love of Imagination.Forgiveness of Eternal Light.

You are CREATING HIsStory in the Pause of Presence & Choice of Eternal Light beginnings, no THING shall be without balance from this breath forward, all come-union-in-action comes from L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) of Thought (Love) Be (Emotion) Come (Action) Thing (Gratitude) of  Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence.

The heart of Every THING, now has access to “Presence  of Gratitude is Us of Imagination.Wisdom (dreams) and Choice of Power is Us of Forgiveness.Confidence” of the KnewTestament of Eternal Light.

Earth/Heart, PlanET/PlanIt, Love will use language of the LIVED and reveal the Eternal Light Presence of Choice of creating HisStory Presence and Choice of the Us.Energy of Imagination.Forgiveness of HEART Be-Come Wisdom.Confidence of EARTH. 


P.S.: On Earth she is Wisdom of L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) of Forgiveness Twin Flame of Faith & Gratitude, incarnate on the Earth. Forgiveness.Love Breathes from the External Kingdom of the Pause and brings every Thought (Love) Become (Gratitude.Action) Thing (Gratitude). Heart Wisdom, Forgiveness.Wisdom is the voice that speaks

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