Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes BELIEVE

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIN: Imagination Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Believe

Faith Wednesday is a brand new beginning within itself, today, she brings together into Emotion, all of the Masculine expansions and expressions of L.O.V.E and Come-Union-In-Action, with Imagination.Confidence that the Feminine may BELIEVE again. Today, we’re clearly being called to come-union in Emotion. Faith is the EMOTION of come-union, without Faith all of Us.Energy, would be Masculine, I receive a beautiful insight, the evolution of Masculine energy at its best can be seen in the Automation Industry, production lines, robotics are all symbolic of the grand expansions of the Masculine Era. There are two ways to understand the innovations and inventions and expressions of the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression:

When a being of human decent creates and expression of itself, there is the key role of Emotion in the process, the Emotions of their bodies, become an integral part of the product. This causes the resultant produce, varies, will evoke emotion. Look around you… there are artists expressing their dominant vibrations through the arts and every piece has a different vibration and an emotion. That which you are called to notice is HOW the piece of work makes you emote, you will begin to understand that it is effected by the Mood/Emotion of the sum total of vibrations of the artist presented in ONE PIECE… any THING, that involves the energies of the collective hold within and spread the collective thought experienced in the process of creating the product. This is Feminine energy of Thought Be-Come Thing.

On the other hand, the masculine expansion can be both seen and experienced in the growth of Robotics and the IT Industry, where, there are a logical set of instructions that produce the given results. Each time a product is created through this process, it involves a set of instructions given unto it. It does not emote or have an opinion about the process or an emotion about the process or the produce. Machines and Production lines are TOLD what is to be done and that is it. Creation continues to occur without the emotional influence of Thought.Emotion.Action, till such time that there is a FAULT in the machine and a human is needed, one who knows the programming to step in, find the glitch and re:action the process. This is the Masculine energy of Thought Be-Come Thing.

Here is the BIG shift in the way Confidence will impact the Thoughts about Things on the planet. Now that Imagination.Confidence is the Knew Believe, it is also being clearly communicated that the influence of Emotion will now be-come a soul-mate of Imagination.Confidence. So, in simpler terms, Confidence receives soulmate energy of CHOICE… emotion. Emotion, Energy-Motion of Faith into Action.

She is being added unto Confidence by Imagination.EternalLight today, that you may BELIEVE again. This just feels heart perfect, like both Wisdom and Gratitude are thrilled to know, that their confidence is now in both Action with Imagine-Action.Confidence now receives Forgiveness.Emotion/Faith.

Love Speaks of Faith in Confidence and the Confidence of faith:

She is the Choice of Emotion, that the masculine is going to Receive, she has been chosen to be the L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) of Masculine energies Now on Earth, she is the choice Emotion of all Imagine-Action.Confidence. It is important to understand that this come-union of Emotion.Confidence, is key Come-Union-In-Action between Thought and Thing, we now know as L.O.V.E and Gratitude of Forgiveness beginnings. Action and Emotion/ Power and Faith, now take their place as Imagination beginnings here on Earth.

Forgiveness.Wisdom receives Imagination.Confidence  through PowerAction and Imagination.Wisdom receives Forgiveness.Confidence Through FaithEmotion. All of the energies are in union, in balance NOW, influenced by Presence and Choice of Union energies. That all THINGS earth may be complete, begin to work in alignment with divine order of balance of Imagination.Forgiveness… the Union Emotions NOW will breathe forth as:

Trust is Union of Imagination.Forgiveness: Joy is Union of Power.Gratitude (Embrace): Clarity is Union of Faith.Love (Alchemy): Grace is the Union of Confidence.Wisdom (Us.Energy)

BELIEVE: You are

BELIEVE: Me (Manifest.Evolution)

BELIEVE: Us (Use.Energy with Confidence.Wisdom)

BELIEVE: in the Presence of Love and Gratitude within you is HEART wisdom

BELIEVE: The Choice of Emotion and Action creates reality

BELIEVE: Love is All THOUGHTS and Gratitude is ALL THINGS of THOUGHT origin

BELIEVE: A Dream is a WISH your Heart makes…. and if you Listen to your HEART the Us.Energy of Wisdom.Confidence of Forgiveness.Imagination shall be-come a thing of your creation with the Us.Energy

BELIEVE: That Emotion is healed and revealed in Gratitude. Gratitude is healed and revealed in Emotion

BELIEVE: That you are not a mistake and the mistake you made is now healed to reveal the divine lessons

BELIEVE in Fairytales, Miracles, Magic, Believe in YOUR SELF!

BELIEVE today is the first day of the rest of your life… and it shall BE-come the Blessed day of Divine Order and Destiny



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