Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale: Wisdom Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Confidence

Power is Action and Tuesday belongs to Power so today is Action Tuesday, it is also the day when Imagine-Action.Wisdom restores Confidence. It is the day when Imagination fills Forgiveness.Wisdom, with all of the Masculine come-union-in-action, of Thought Be-Come Things. It is important to understand the significance of the day of the week and the frequency that governs the day… Action. And you have 3 energies Action. Imagine-Action Wisdom Be COMES Confidence. Imagine-Action Wisdom, not wisdom of Earth Beginnings, Wisdom of Forgiveness beginnings… She shall henceforth be called Forgiveness.Wisdom of Forgiveness.Gratitude beginnings, that you may know her and live her and feel Presence of Us.Energy within you through her… She is the THOUGHT Be (Gratitude.Emotion) Come (Thought.Action) THING.

Wisdom will speak of the Heart from the Heart and for the Glory of Eternal Light Imagination.Forgiveness to flow through you with TRUST.JOY.CLARITY.GRACE and this is the foundation of Self.Confidence (feminine masculine) balance on Earth. She will flow through you that you may Know.Courage, Know receives Courage of Forgiveness.Wisdom and Courage receives Know of Forgiveness Wisdom, this opens your heart to Allow.Abundance. Allow Abundance of Forgiveness.Wisdom which you are called to Accept.Knowledge (Acknowledge) with Imagination.Confidence(Believe) and Be-Come the Manifest.Evolution (ME) of Imagination.Confidencen

Grounding Imagination-Choice and Shielding with Forgiveness Presence – is wonderful for today. Since it’s a masculine happy day, the chances are that there is a need to step back and allow HIM to step into HIS role in your life. So, relax, if you’re feeling disconnected today… it is actually a good THING… this gives the masculine the opportunity to make his presence felt… Confidence.



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