Imagination.Love Be-Comes Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale Love Exhale: Become Breathe Out: Wisdom

Forgiveness Monday it is and she has insights for, UsE Her energy with Wisdom. Imagination.Love… Imagine-Action.Love gives you conscious awareness for heart of the Wisdom of Presence & Choice you can Trust with Joy.Clarity.Grace and yes, Confidence. Today, Forgiveness.Love reigns over all communication and you will notice that your Heart is speaking… take time to Listen. Imagination brings into Love all that He has Imagine-Action of Love from the 10th of the month… into Wisdom which will be-activated fully on tomorrow, the 18th day, which is dedicated to Imagination.Wisdom Be-Comes Confidence… the 18th day of any month, is the culmination of that which Imagination has for-given unto forgiveness for getting Self.Confidence.

Wisdom is the Teacher … she gives unto Things… purpose… and when THINGS, Imagine-Action.Love, I give unto them, as I give unto you NOW, Wisdom. Wisdom, is a come-union-in-Action of Eternal Light Feminine expansions and expressions of Forgiveness.Faith.Gratitude Be-Come Courage.Abundance .Knowledge.Evolution. She is also the womb of the expansion and expression of EL Masculine of Imagination.Power.Love.Confidence Be-Come Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest. Today Acknowledge (Accept.Knowledge) of Forgiveness.Wisdom. Wisdom alone on the Earth has been manipulated to serve man, it is time to relieve her of the passed as She steps in-to the Earth, this time as Forgiveness Wisdom of Faith and Gratitude. Wisdom is the Know.Courage of Now.Earth, in her and through her, Know & Courage be-comes come-union-in-Action (Communication).

Wisdom be-comes the Imagination.Love of the Inclusion of K.A.A.M (Earth Masculine) and C.A.K.E (Earth Feminine) come-union-in-action in alignment with Presence and Choice… their first step into Union begins today. Here is the Insight

  • Forgiveness.Wisdom Be-Comes Know.Courage : Courage receives Know of Wisdom. Know receives Courage of Wisdom
  • Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes Allow. Abundance: Abundance receives Allow of Confidence.. Allow receives Abundance of Confidence
  • Accept.Knowledge Be-Comes Acknowledge
  • Manifest.Evolution Be-Comes ME

of the Presence of Choice and Choice of Presence.

The Earth enters the Conscious Awareness of the Paradox, this is the time of transitions and transactions begin with the Pause be-come Action.

Forgiveness.Love expands the expression of the word become: To Be, is to PAUSE in THOUGHT or PRESENCE or Gratitude is Us energy of the EarthHeart of YOU/YOU the  Heart of Earth. To Come is to Action an Emotion with Power and Faith or CHOICE or Power is Us energy of the EarthHeart of You /You the heart of the Earth and so, eternally, internally, externally the word be-come in union read as become is PowerGratitude grounded and shielded by Presence & Choice. So, for a thought to be-come a thing your heart will with Power of the Thought and Gratitude for the Emotion you’re experiencing… this changes the dynamics of Thought Be-Come Things as you’ve known it in the passed.

Here’s what you must know, as you step into the Manifest.Evolution of the Earth with Wisdom today… the words raised in the Pause and received in Action of the Earth, do not vibrate at the same frequency as they did the last time you used them, so be-aware of the vocabulary you are using… with Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination.Confidence.

When we included the word, Illiterate into the Earth Vibration, our vision of the word, meant come-union, come-union-in-action of the Illness.Litter.Rate/Ill.Literate, which wasn’t meant to be used for them who the Earth considered uneducated, it was meant to for-give Earth Kingdom the insight of the truth, you’re now living. We sent the word illiterate to announce the birth of Illness of Earth Education be-coming the self-destruction of the Presence & Choice of Imagination.Forgiveness. Every THING that considers itself Literate is in truth in dis-ease in denial of the illness of living the Divine too humanly absorbed… then again, CHOICE, is the masterStroke of Eternal Light, giving ALL THINGS the ability to choose PRESENCE of Earth or the PRESENCE of Heart in all Thought.Emotion.Action



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