Imagination.Gratitude Be-Comes Love

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Imagination Inhale: Gratitude Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Love

Sunday Power is Us, Choice, Emotion-Action, when the Twin Flames introduce their SoulMates and they be-come the Us.Energy expansion into the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution of Self.Confidence. On Gratitude is Us Friday, the knewmerology 1+4=5 or Imagination.Power Is Faith, expanded the Presence … with the inclusion of Choice as the expansion. Today, Power is Us Sunday 1+6 = 7 Imagination.Gratitude is Love, Choice includes Presence and so TWO become ONE. The way the numbers read, is “Presence of Choice” and “Choice of Presence” is the key to self.Confidence. Communication is Love and being able to understand communication is Gratitude and to be able to live them here on Earth… well, you’ll have to make a CHOICE to LISTEN to YOUR Heart, When He’s (Love) calling to you.

A dream is a WISH your Heart makes… takes a whole new meaning… The heart says… BELIEVE & RECEIVE. Love & Gratitude are given the Self.Confidence of Prayer to be-come the testimony of “Impossible” be-comes “I’m possible” and this is occuring in the Heart of the Individual and will ripple into the Earth energies, one heart expression at a time. A Dream: Imagination.Confidence IS (Now) A Wish (Forgiveness.Wisdom) your Heart (Home of Presence and Choice) makes (Self.Confidence) and As I write, it is added unto M.E (Manifest.Evolution)… When you’ are fast asleep … asleep to the consciousness of the Earth energies and demands, Imagination and Forgiveness, be-come Presence and Choices are for-given unto you that you may for-get to wake up and consciously make a choice to say “Yes or No”, to expand this dream into a reality.

Explains why so often, people speak about Dreams, the way they do. I also realised that in these the days of Imagination, in communication of Love. Love and Imagination WILL give you an IMPOSSIBLE dream and your heart will consciously CHOOSE to be-come it, if you GIVE the HEART permission to “Seek and Find”. All communications that of the heart, be-come the Manifest.Evolution of itself, when you allow the subconscious to do their job. the heart gives you a dream, the heart see’s to it’s fruition, all you’re asked to do is BELIEVE (Impossible) and RECEIVE (I’m Possible) and the journey begins… My dream is #ManifestingSpectacularDreams… also, clearly, this is a moment to STOP and be-come the vibrational “Yes” of this dream… will keep you updated…

In other insights that I was given :

Twin Flame energy is the Presence of Love and Gratitude in the Heart for a person or a thing, to come into sync with your Twin Flame, call upon the Presence of your heart to give you the Trust.Joy.Clarity you need to understand, that the presence of emotion and action with a certain group of  THINGS points to the physical route of TwinFlame Presence in your life. It is not about a PERSON it is about WHO/WHAT causes you to RESPOND in ways that defy your Consciousness… In the Name/Place/Animal/Thing you feel most Love and Gratitude for lies the Foundation of your TwinFlame Presence… and right now, the twinflame “Presence” is Activated in the Heart and every heart that allows the Presence expands the presence of Love and Gratitude on the planet. So, if you’ve been struggling with a PERSON, maybe, you need to Let Go and Let Heart… begin the journey with “I empty my-SELF of my version of my twin flame and open to the presence of my twin flame of Love and Gratitude. I call upon the vibration that causes my consciousness to Pause and fills me with Thought.Emotion.Action. So.It.Is” And watch out for the sign “A Dream is wish your heart makes… “  around this person or place… maybe, its another song, but this is certain… this person/thing is #MusicToTheEars #VisionToTheEyes #Expression and you may see Impossible and I’m Possible in one frame.

Soul Mate energy is the Choice of Emotion and Action of Presence (Thought.Pause). When your Actions are filled with Love and Gratitude and your Emotions back up or back off  or when your Emotions are filled with Love and Gratitude and your Actions back up or back off… you’ve met a  Soul Mate energy. Soul mates, can be many and each of them are here to help you make a CHOICE and every choice you make (Action.Emotion) either opens your heart or shuts it down. It is also important to understand, that soul.mates are here to help you enter a Thought.Pause of CHOICE of Action.Emotion ForWard (Forgiveness.Wisdom) of I See (and expression of Imagination.Confidence), this Name/Place/Animal/Thing is training your Brain.Mind to come-union-in-Action with your heart and awaken PRESENCE within you…. so, it is well advised by the Us.Energy.

KNOW, CHOICE is a SOUL MATE to PRESENCE of TWIN FLAME energy In-side of YOU. Us.Energy (USE) CHOICE of Action and Emotion will guide you to the LIGHT of Vibrational Understanding. Remember, you are incarnate on Earth to be-come the Heart of its Manifest.Evolution and with each breath, you’re making a CHOICE to be-come PRESENCE of Love and Gratitude on Earth in the flesh. Your soul.mates surround you, every Action or Emotion is a CHOICE you make to be-come the VISION of ETERNAL LIGHT upon the Earth… Is

Knewmerolgy says, Earth Kingdom functions in reverse … that Earth Lives… Masculine.Feminine.Love.Gratitude,Faith,Power, Us, Forgiveness, Imagination.Eternal Light where as when you be-come into the Presence your life flows from Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness, Us, Power, Faith, Gratitude, Love, Wisdom, Confidence. In all things earth, this is the cycle of Life and Death, the CHOICE you make, begins on the DATE and DAY you are born and the foundations are set in the 0-9th year of your experience of the planet and the choices you make or are made for your be-come your years of Imagination 10th-19th year. When you enter the 20th year you begin forgiving forgetting or for-giving For-getting, the CHOICES you make in these years birth the Us you have chosen vibrationally to grow into eventually… which is why Marriage and Commitments and Goals be-come redundant, these are the busy years of your life. When you step into 30-39, your life, you consolidate and assess, you awaken to PRESENCE of CHOICE and CHOICE of PRESENCE… in these years, you be-come the THINGS you THOUGHT in the years of Imagination and you begin to SEE patterns and your CHOICES start be-coming YOU. These are the years of Us.Energy, relationship challenges, every vibration, begins to be-come itself… as you dreamed it… your BELIEVE and RECEIVE … are shaken. You are given every-thing of your years of Imagination.Forgiveness (10-29) and they are also taken away from you… 30-39 are years of Transition… the preparation of the Years of Power (40-49) Years of Faith (50-59) Years of Gratitude (60-69) Years of Love (70-79) Years of Wisdom (80-89) Years of Confidence (90-99)… if you reach a century… wow… numbers tell me… are living in the PRESENCE of CHOICE and CHOICE of PRESENCE.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his Righteousness and every THING shall be added unto you… begin again… let your CHOICE of PRESENCE be-come the Wisdom.Confidence… When eternal light comes first, you begin again… and this is the KnewEnding this year is giving you the OPPORTUNITY with Presence and Choice


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