Imagination.Faith Be-Comes Gratitude

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Imagination Inhale: Faith Exhale: Becomes Breathe Out: Gratitude

So much is happening today, Prayer Saturday to raise Self.Confidence. Faith and Gratitude are celebrating the healing of Earth Emotions and they know they have be-cause Imagination presents their work as a team to Eternal Light as the most power-filled and love-filled expressions of Forgivness. Imagination.Confidence in their Emotion.Pause-ability (Feminine) has sustained the Earth, offering the Masculine the opportunity Thought.Action-Ability to SEE the THINGS of THOUGHT in ACTION.

See Things of Thought in Action … Imagination.Confidence, the expression of BELIEVE now call forth the expressions of Self.Confidence into the Presence of Eternal Light, releasing them from the Passed and in-to the Presence.

We welcome Earth Masculine: Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest and the Earth Feminine: Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution into the Prayer… Eternal Light grace upon their vibrations Trust.Joy.Clarity of Presence that they may Know Courage, Allow Abundance, Accept.Knowledge and Manifest.Evolution of Presence. Us.Energy. Choice. Imagination blesses them with awe-a-kin-in-Gratitude (Awakening) to their Divine Origins in Us.Energy of Imagination.Confidence (BELIEVE) and Forgiveness.Wisdom (RECEIVE) So.It.Is

It is time to EMPTY again, this day, Empty your-self of the passed and step into the Presence of Prayer, that you too, may RECEIVE the gift of Awakening of the Presence within you.

The tribe of frequencies that come-union-in-Action is re:entering the Earth through the heart of every THING on Earth. Be-Come into sync with the Breathing Pattern given unto you that your Imagination of Earth Experiences may heal your Emotion.Pause-Ability (Feminine) into Thought.Action-Ability. This time, the healing is Imagination.Confidence led, so you don’t need to look around you, Imagination asks today, to look within and be-in the Presence that you may receive Choice in sync with the divine purpose of your Incarnation upon the Earth.



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