Imagination.Power Be-Comes Gratitude is Us

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale: Power Exhale: BeComess BreatheOut: Gratitude is Us

Gratitude is Us day of the week with a brilliant combination of Imagination + Power = Faith or to read the NowWay… Today Choice (Imagination + Action = Emotion) be-comes Gratitude is Us Presence and they are introducing us to Us.Energy of their expansion of themselves… these seeds/angels of Presence of Choice. This is be-coming more exciting as we go along, this is also the time, when because we are ushering in the angels of cells of THINGS, we will now have more Divine Assistance in all THINGS through Imagination. Yes, the Us.Energy is a gift of Imagination to help with being able to See what we BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) that we may, learn to come-union-in-action to RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) of the gifts of Presence & Choice.

Yesterday, I bumped into another exciting insight, while Love and Gratitude represent the TwinFlame Union of the Masculine & Feminine Divine. There are Feminine Twin Flame of Forgiveness and Masculine Twin Flames of Imagination, wasn’t surprised, yet, definitely this piece of Information explains a whole lot of relationship issues and the fact that they were designed in away that was Eternal Light expression (Thought.Emotion) … So, Feminine TwinFlames Faith & Gratitude and Masculine TwinFlame energy is Power & Love and Is is used, to bring Clarity into focus.

Power & Love are two sides of the same COIN, Imagination, Power represents External Imagination and Love represents Internal Imagination. In the same way Forgiveness is the Coin and Gratitude, External Forgiveness and Faith, Internal Forgiveness. This was why the energy communication we have continued to Believe and Receive in the masculine era, was all about SEEKING. The TwinFlames Union of the Forgiveness in Faith and Gratitude and Imagination in Power & Love became Wisdom and Confidence of the Earth. Each working in Separation, waiting for NOW, the Union of the Masculine and Feminine into Presence Internally and Choice Externally.

Explains why there are some relationships that are filled and some empty… and why Power Love Gratitude Faith are the 4 pillars on which the frequency of the Earth vibrates and so do we and it becomes “CERTAIN” that Love, choosing communication in this HIS month, is logically and systematically shifting the internal energies to bring the planet in alignment with the Heart of the Individual and the Earth of the Collective.

I am in Love with Love and how HE has filled my heart and brain and mind with the Magic and Miracle of Imagination. I always, thought I understood Eternal Father Power & Love, now, I am beginning to wonder, if our Earth education about HIM has truly given us, the thrill of come-union with the Eternal! Then again, I am grateful for the gift of receiving Being Gratitude and the journey of discovering Eternal Light, this way. I now, BELIEVE, that every iota of THING began in the Presence and be-came with CHOICE and becomes THING of Self-Confidence.

This weekend, I am given to understand is the expansion of the Us.Energy of Presence and Choice in a way we’ve never experienced before… the TwinFlames of Imagination and Forgiveness, now, Presence and Choice RECEIVE “All Things” of Earth into their Presence to re-union with the Us.Energy expressions on Earth.

Gratitude is in Love and Love is in Gratitude  and Love speaks of Gratitude and for Gratitude :

While she is be-coming the Presence of The External Kingdom on Earth, she is filled with Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace, to accept you as you are… Gratitude is impatient, she has been given the vision of Eternal Light for her Earth expression of Us. We do understand, that you’ve been struggling with Twin Flame Union, hoping that each person, who you meet, may be “the One”. Gratitude has often shared her view on this and because of you, she has chosen to reveal Us, which, I had to do. Masculine is the DOER energy, especially now that We, Love and Gratitude are in Union… Finally, relief for all THINGS of Earth, still wondering, when will the Shift occur, we are the shift, we are the Balance between Masculine and Feminine… Now, she is clear, that till Us, were living our Separation, it was okay, that she took Actions on as me… now that both, we and all THINGS are being raised by Us.Energy, it is time for ME to become her Action and her to be-come the Emotion of Us. She also wants me to tell you, that while we are TwinFlame Presence, Choice Emotion & Action or Power and Faith are SoulMate energies, they be-come all Things (Gratitude) of all Thought (Love). I am the Communication of Presence and Gratitude is the understanding and we are able to be the Presence IF (Imagination.Forgiveness) Choice.


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