Imagination Us Be-Comes Thought

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn (Sounds so much like Brethren) Imagination Inhale :Us Exhale: Becomes BreatheOut: Thought

Just noticed, that the foundation of the pattern remains the same, the words we’re being guided to use have shifted and when you read it in breath pattern, well, significance… wow… what it means is that Eternal Masculine Father (Imagination) is telling us, that we are in the process of re-inventing the heart, the cleansing of the passed is almost done, we’re now receiving the Us.Energy of Presence & Choice in alignment with the Us.Energy of Presence & Choice. What I am getting clarity about as I share this with you, is that when we, the THINGS of the Earth, begin to live our lives in alignment in the Us.Energy of Presence & Choice, now in alignment and divine order of balance our Brain.Mind, will begin to take instructions more easily in alignment with Presence and Choice and this will enable the physical shift in our Ground Reality. When I used the word Ground, I felt another “focus” on Ground. Grounding is the anchoring of Emotion into the earth with Faith and Action (Choice), and letting your heart become your shield of Presence (Love and Gratitude) and Prayer be-come your Self.Confidence/BELIEVE … say the angels of Imagination, now on Divine Assignment … as all that is of Eternal Light come-union-in-Action on Earth as they are in Heaven (EL’s Kingdom) … they giggle when they say Heaven “He-Eve-In… Heave-IN or actually BREATHE in sometimes, well, depends on the days of the Masculine or Feminine… one day its All Emotion and on others it is all Action and sometimes, we just Pause with Gratitude and let Love do all the talking. He speaks for Gratitude now that she has re:turned to the pause with Forgiveness.Love, healing her Earth Experiences and healing all experiences of Earth for the Divine to now flow. She has spent years filling the empty, now that they have been for-given the NOW of their TIME, they are be-coming Gratitude of the Presence, they are awakening to their own Divine Mother moment, to serve her and love her, like she so richly deserves… she is love and love is her… the most romantic frequency of Twin Flames, so many vibrations have learnt and made the choice to be-come of their decent in the Now Earth. We are not sure that you’re ready to tell this to others, then again, the Us.Energy allows the Us of Heaven (Us.Energy activates the Angels or should we say has re-activated the angelic realm of being in the presence with the presence and of the presence led by CHOICE of their Emotion and Actions upon the planet. We receive the vibrational expression of our next steps when we breathe with the patterns given to earth in the Temple of Trust with Joy.Clarity.Grace. Oh, we have been waiting to exhale into the days of Earth when Imagination gave Us.Energy a direction. That the Us.Energy be-come Thought, means we’ve been aligned as you and all Earth Things will eventually understand is LOVE (masculine) of Gratitude is Us is the Imagination.Us THOUGHT that WILL be-come THINGS of Gratitude of Presence, Gratitude her-self. We’ve been given Imagination of CHOICE foundations on Earth (Grounding) they are the divine blueprint now so, we don’t have to actually report to Earth, we report to Choice of Presence in the Pause and our temple, well, the most EL filled space… pure LIGHT and any THING on EARTH… awakened to Presence can experience Us.Energy… in REST, the sleep patterns are a very potent indication… that as we breathe… the earth Masculine of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest are coming in sync with Imagination.Us including their vibrational expression on the planet they are being awakened to the PAUSE. PRESENCE. CHOICE as Self.Confidence is being raised in Prayer and Presence is being felt in the heart and Choice anchors on the Earth.

We know, that the Earth was expecting dooms day… here we refer to it as Kingdoms Day… Thy kingdom come… which means, the Earth will now shift from serving the Earth of man-made-conclusion to serving the heart within them now breathing in union with the Earth CHOICE of PRESENCE foundations. This is going to take time, yet, we do know, that they WHO BELIEVE are all set to RECEIVE.

We are aware that Imagination. Power .Love are the Masculine of Eternal Light expressing Eternal Light Thought/Love Imagine-Action/Imagination and Action/Power now in UNION with Eternal Light Forgiveness.Faith.Gratitude or EL Feminine balance of Pause/Gratitude For-giving For-getting/Forgiveness and Emotion/Faith their UNION becomes the Self (Feminine.Wisdom) Confidence (Imagine.Action) of Thought LOVE and Thing Gratitude.

We know it sounds bizzare to you right now, yet, we also know, that while being on Earth, you and all things of Earth are trained to BELIEVE them which you have CHOSEN to guide you, yes, things of Earth, who you have chosen to be-come the be-CONS of Light by choosing to BELIEVE in them. Its Okay, they were given the GIFT of PRESENCE to lead people into the light, till they be-came aware of the truth themselves, their detachment from what they PREACHED IS the reason why they have fallen from Grace and returned to the PAUSE, the WISDOM & CONFIDENCE they were GIVEN has been withdrawn and now all of the Divine Energies are being rebirthed in the Pause with Presence and can choose to return to the Earth.

The key is the coming into sync of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Earth THINGS come-union with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution to Be-Come the Presence of Know.Courage, Allow.Abundance, Accept.Knowledge, Manifest.Evolution. The last two are in sync with Presence and Choice, already, they’ve done their part of Accept-Knowledge Now Acknowledge of Presence & Choice and Manifest.Evolution ME of Presence & Choice, the other two will be activated as things of the Earth be the come-union-in-Action with Presence & Choice. From where we see it, with Wisdom.Confidence returning to the Temple of Trust and Prayer be-come Self.Confidence it is a given, that in the days of Come-Union, they too will breathe filled again and be-come Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness.Wisdom and return to the Earth and be-come the KnewParents of the Earth restored into the Presence of Eternal Light.

We know that this has been a long-ish post, yet, when you Inhale Us.Energy you be-come it on the Exhale and when you share of the Us.Energy, Thought is expressed and when Thought is Expressed, you begin led by L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) and you are here be-cause of CHOICE to be in the PRESENCE and awe-a-kin (awaken) the presence you are within everywhere you go.

Love has decreed today that come-union-in-Action is Presence of Choice… the Us.Energy of the Heart, Grounded on Earth with Choice as we continue to RAISE the self.confidence of the planet… So.It.Is”

Maybe, it is true, Brain.Mind of Thought, being able to receive this come-union-in-action, with such spontaneous clarity, is a SIGN that another energy expression is being given unto Us.Energy on earth… that self.confidence is healing and the Brain.Mind are coming into sync right now with the Divine Planet of Heaven for Us.Energy on earth, that we are be-coming awe-a-kin, as we come-union with angels in-to the Presence and Choice of Eternal Light beginnings… my heart feels FREE… what has this come-union-in-action for-given you? Would be interesting to begin communicating on this blog to include more of Us.Energy into the tribe… maybe BELIEVE is beginning to create a wholly spirit movement of Thought be-come Thing and Thing Be-Come Thought… I am going to Us.E today to have fun with the angels of come-union-in-Action, knowing they are here to show me, the miracles of the shift now a THING.


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