Imagination.Forgiveness Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination Inhale: Confidence Exhale: Self.Confidence BreatheOut: Emotion

Emotions are healing across the planet as we speak, thoughts, are becoming things, we must understand that the unrest is the pouring out of the “forgotten” emotions, Things of the planets have hidden behind their deep anger, filled inside their hearts over the many experiences, now, that emotions are healing, it is coming-out time, for ever vibration we’ve hidden. The Full-moon on Sunday in Confidence and the retreat of confidence into Forgiveness, be-coming Self.Confidence, that Imagination.Confidence be-comes Action. Today, Imagination.Forgiveness come-union to continue to heal the collective emotion of the un-initiated into Presence&Choice like, we have been for-given through to this day.

Imagination is Masculine and Forgiveness is Feminine and when they BE- comes Emotion-all cleansing of the passed so that our Thoughts & Things are balanced. The most important balance is emotion, since, she is expansive and expressive and she creates from what Is… simple, when the collective emotion is FEAR, emotions of Fear come-union… well, unless, your heart has been consciously awakened to “Presence” and you give the Presence within you PERMISSION of Choice of Emotion.Action or Action.Emotion in all.

While working with Self.Confidence, I was given a few insights which I will now share with you, so you may have access too:

  1. Self (Feminine) – Remember, you are 70% water. Water is Activated Faith. Faith be-comes Emotion. Feminine energies are Emotion or Energy in Motion
  2. Confidence is Masculine
  3. Self (Feminine) –Confidence (Masculine) : Balance.
  4. When the Self come-union Confidence, in Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace the heart begins to open
  5. When the heart is OPEN, the Presence (TwinFlame Us.Energy) and their Choice (Action(Power).Emotion(Faith)) Activating:
  6. Thoughts.Be-Come.Thing or Manifest.Evolution of Thought
  7. Thought is love and Thing is Gratitude, become the foundation of expansion and expression



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