Imagination.Confidence Be-Comes Action

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Imagination.Confidence Inhale: Be  Exhale: Comes BreatheOut: Action

Tuesday is a day of Power Be-Comes Action, today is an 11 day a day of BELIEVE, remember, Imagination.Confidence is the Now BELIEVE. It is also, the first day of Forgiveness Be-Comes Self-Confidence in Action really. What has really changed right now and will come-union-in-Action is the fact that every expression, transAction on the planet is now in confluence with Action/Power/Spirit of Eternal Light, be-coming the Eternal Light Power/Action of the Earth

Earth is where every vibration be-comes thing to experience CHOICE with Wisdom.Confidence. Heart is where every vibration come-union to be-come thing, to experience the Thought.Emotion.Action of being physical energy. Self-Confidence, is to place your Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace in Divine Confluence of vibrations that come-union within you and become a thing of the earth, allowing the vibrational frequencies of 0-9 (Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness, Us, Power, Faith, Gratitude, Love, Wisdom and Confidence to continue creating the Earth in you as you and through you. When you surrender to Self-Confidence, you bring your inner Wisdom.Confidence into alignment with the Earth Wisdom.Confidence and you receive all that you WANT and NEED to Manifest.Evolution.

When you BELIEVE, you are given the gift of CHOICE, to grow forth in Action supported by Emotion or grow forth an Emotion supported by Action. Here’s wisdom, choose to grow an emotion supported by Action. In this way you be-come a channel, of Feminine Expansion with Action first you be-come a channel of Masculine Expansion. Masculine Expansion, over the Era has shifted the loyalties to the physical experiences of the planet, this has caused too many things, too little thought and so, we are living in a state of THINGS, physical things of Man-Made Origins with more Power than Eternal Light Manifested thought be-come physical things (Humans) for vibrational expression of Eternal Light.

I am still getting back in sync with Self-Confidence within me, I realised that when you’re on the planet, for a longer time, your designed busyness has nothing to do with your soul it has every –thing to do with taking care of the needs of the body. When in truth, in accordance to creation, our dominant desire to come-union as energies in a body was to use our divine beginnings to influence the earth to awaken to Divine Beginnings. In a conversation the other day, with a Vedic Pandit, one sentence he used actually STRUCK a cord. The Vedas are a scientific set of instructions on How to Live in rhythm with the divine, here on Earth, made religious so, that NO ONE WOULD ASK QUESTIONS and receive them as INSTRUCTIONS and that is also the seed of BLIND followers.

HIS-Story has been written to affirm the Masculine Dominion on the Earth, however, the truth is the Womb of Thought, even though we now understand Thought is Masculine, thought is Love expressed in a Thing , as a Thing, for a Thing and thing is Now Gratitude, by declaration of Thought himself. We begin to see the TwinFlame Presence of Masculine and Feminine, come-union for the purpose of Earth. We are stepping into discovering Her-Story with Forgiveness leading the way for Faith.Gratitude.Wisdom, to awaken the WOMB of THINGS to the WOMB of THOUGHT of their BEGINNINGS in HER.

I am often given to understand, that Divine Vibrations DO NOT WANT to vibrate at the Frequency of Earth, because, Gratitude as part of the healing of the earth breathed forgiving forgetting her-self, such were the dense energies of the Earth when she first, be-came the Love of Eternal Light in the Flesh. So, she would sow, forget, sow more of love and forget to be loved, she would oscillate between energy and evolution, till she began to see that which is love in all things be-come aware of himself and in this awareness, he chose for her- to be-come aware of her-self in HIM. However, Gratitude, would be so intensely effected by the density of the Emotion of the Earth, that she would withdraw her-self and re-fill with Power, stepping back healing more and returning to her HOME in Love to re-charge her-self and re:turn to begin again. This place of retreat be-came a Kingdom, the External Kingdom and in this way, Earth Kingdom, made way for the door of Divine Mercy to be opened unto ALL THINGS EARTH, revealing Forgiveness as the Divine Feminine, the WOMB of thought where all Thought of Eternal Light Origin, be-come Things and are birthed by Emotion into the planet, to experience the Paradox.

Imagination.Confidence be-comes Action, is a time to step into the Heart and re-claim your SELF with Confidence and allow Confidence to work with YOU individually, raising “Presence” (Love and Gratitude TwinFlame Union) into the conscious CHOICE (Emotion.Action).

What you do need to understand, is that THINGS are temporary co-influence of Thought, experiencing the physical dimension of Thought.Emotion.Action now Thing. So, when you pray ask for Wisdom to seek the divine in all things.

May the Wisdom of Imagination.Confidence be-come Action, cause you to see your –self .confidence as a gift of “Presence of Choice”



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