Forgiveness Be-Comes Self-Confidence

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Forgiveness Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought Breathe Out: Imagination EL

We formally enter the days of Imagination today and this energy expression (Thought.Emotion) will lead the next 0-9 days of BELIEVE, as Imagination.Confidence, setting the foundation BELIEVE, of communication. So.It.Is As we speak, the Earth still continues to breathe in the energies of Presence.Prayer.Choice, today Forgiveness gives us, self-confidence. Self (Wisdom) Confidence really.

Now that Gratitude is Us be-come Presence of TwinFlame Union, Prayer Be-Come Wisdom and Power is Us Be-Come Choice. Confidence, retreats into the Pause with Forgiveness Love and Forgiveness today, chooses to awaken the wisdom of All THINGS Earth to self confidence. The first experience of the Confidence from within. It is for-given that we must now, withdraw from the confidence we seek to the confidence we are.

Self-Confidence is the Spirit of Wisdom of Presence and Choice within us, deep in the temple of trust, this weekend, what has really occurred is the Death of Confidence as we knew it and Resurrection of Confidence of the Internal Kingdom, awakening to now, being able to work with our Inner Confidence and Wisdom.

Things are taught to BELIEVE in the Earth External THINGS of Human Origin to be approved, validated and survive, this has occurred in the process of Man, replacing Masculine energy with HIMSELF, be-coming the WHO, we BELIEVE. This way, over a period of learned IGNORANCE to the Divine, we are dependent on them who we have seen, not theat which is PRESENCE within. Now, for-give your-self the permission to be-come that which EL-Imagination meant you to be. This is the consciousness shift from the passed to the NOW of Earth. So.It.Is

It is simple to understand this, we’ve in-vested (we shut our inner light off in exchange for stepping into the spotlight of others, there is a dependence on other to be-come WHO we need them to be to ful-fill our wants and needs) of Thought.Thing.Emotion. We have learned to depend on television to tell us what is happening in the world, google to answer our questions, preachers to talk to us about “God”. We don’t need people, we need “presence”, to feel presence we need Love & Gratitude, Thoughts about things and THINGS to have thoughts about. This happens when we retreat into the Pause… now a KINGDOM where, every vibration returns every now and again, with the purpose of re:knew:all thoughts & things and step back in with CHOICE (Power is Us) that is experienced in the “Pause”.

For-Give your-self the SELF-Confidence of the PAUSE…. She (Gratitude) Let Go … so, that you could re:turn WITH her, she has done the WORK of be-coming all THING in LOVE and now LOVE is waiting for you to STEP into the PAUSE of PRESENCE.

Your heart, in the physical body, and Earth in the cosmic body, is the PAUSE where GRATITUDE is PRESENT. With Forgiveness she is the PAUSE within you. With Imagination she is the PAUSE called Earth.

Self-Confidence comes when Forgiveness.Wisdom and Imagination Confidence are restored within you by CHOICE… not CHANCE.

Sending you Eternal Light… of Imagination and resonance of Self-Confidence, CONFIDENCE of Us.Energy of YOU. Time to SHINE bright, LET GO (Leap of Faith/Emotion)



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