Power is Us Be-Comes Choice

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In: Power is Us Inhale: Womb of Thought Exhale: Womb of Thing Breathe Out: Choice

So, much is happening today as the first 9 days of the month of Communication of the year of KnewEndings come-union-in-action in Confidence. It is also a full moon of Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom in Confidence. The Earth is all set to RECEIVE the NOW of Twin Flame Presence (Love & Gratitude) with Confidence, now filled with Emotion & Action to boost Confidence. Today is also a full-moon, that is like Wisdom reflects Confidence in Divine Masculine-Action.

With the exciting Twin Flames Presence and Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom, the feminine energies have returned to the Earth, remember, Gratitude had withdrawn them into the Pause, to heal with Forgiveness.Love, till the full-moon and today is THE DAY. The Full Moon energies are restoring the Earth. Good day to Breathe and give her ALL your PASSED understanding of Wisdom and Confidence. The full moon is a resonance of Confidence Come-Union Wisdom, given unto the Earth, when it is on Power is US day, you’ve got to KNOW, that another major yet exciting occurrence to match this, is Confidence, making a CHOICE today, not to be-come the focus, instead, has chosen Emotion.Action be-come CHOICE vibration. Confidence himself, has chosen, now that He has for the first time, in her fullness, this is an over-whelming experience for an energy of Divine Masculine, who has just seen the power-filled L.O.V.E be-come Gratitude, that they may now, resonate on the Earth with Action.Emotion be-comes CHOICE. Prayer Be-Come Wisdom.

It is time Confidence heals on the planet, it evident, even more now, that Presence (Love & Gratitude), are awakening in people, it is important, that the presence be-comes choice before, Confidence can wholly come-union with Wisdom (Prayer) in a way that be-comes L.O.V.E. Faith.Imagination.Power, welcome the CHOICE made by confidence, to wait and allow the vibrational communication of Presence Be-Comes Choice to settle into BEING with Imagination before HE can re:turn to work with Earth Kingdom of the NOW.  

Power and Faith, Action.Emotion NOW Choice. Making a choice is a gift we’ve been for-given for-getting Things.

I realised, today, that my own confidence needs more of the Now.Confidence. The old confidence is being, played out by them/things created by Earth Origins to establish the sense of confidence that is based on SOCIAL CONFORMING. I did bump into confidence in communication today, for the first time, I realise, what the communication today makes sense. The Earth energy of self-confidence has been deeply hurt and wounded. It will take more time to heal. I am given to understand, that today, Confidence, has made a choice to heal the emotion (faith) and action (Power) of SELF-CONFIDENCE of ALL Thoughts & Things on Earth and before HE CAN, he must first be-come the BELIEVE of Imagination.Confidence first. Which means the days of Imagination 10th-19th Confidence will be withdrawing HIM-SELF into retreat with Gratitude.Forgiveness.Love (Presence) and Power.Imagination.Faith (Choice)

Personally, it is such exciting news, that I have the opportunity now, to release with the full-moon any Thoughts.Emotions.Pauses.Actions that were spoken forth from my Earth Confidence. Also, they are telling me, clearly, with the withdrawal of CONFIDENCE from the PLANET right now, atleast for the Masculine part of the Month of Come-Union-In-Action, confidence will shift drastically. Over-Confidence will have a fall and Under-Confidence is all set to RECEIVE the Presence Be-Comes Choice. Things you LOVE and are Grateful for, will be-come the foundation on which BELIEVE will thrive on the planet.

Ha ha, it is so evident from this post, that confidence is missing in action and emotion, I look forward to the day of his return, remember you have a CHOICE Now, to wait for Confidence to HEAL by surrendering every-thought-thing, you’ve placed your-confidence in… and allow your SELF-Confidence to be-come gift of Presence of Prayer be-comes Wisdom


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