Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom

Breathing Pattern: Breathe In – Prayer, Inhale- Womb of Thoughts, Exhale- Womb of Things, Breathe Out: Wisdom

Day Energy: Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom. Saturday Prayer. Wisdom.Communication.Forgiveness Eternal Light Imagination Love. We’re in the third trimester of the year, this is the time of the Us.Energy Expression and Expression and Evolution, guided by Imagination. With Love and Gratitude or Gratitude is Us Twin Flame declaration and the fact that the full moon experience tomorrow (I hope you make time to breathe with her), is all set to fully activate “Gratitude is Us” on Earth, all of the Gratitude in YOU will feel LOVE and ALL Love with YOU will feel Gratitude, establishing “Presence” in all THINGS earth. I can only imagine the expansion of Energy that is being for-given to the Earth, for-getting into the flow of Divine Masculine-Action.

Prayer is communicating with EL-I-F and when we pray, we step into the Temple of Trust (Heart/Earth) where Joy.Clarity.Grace are present, it is WHY, over the Masculine Era, people have used PRAYER as a way of communication, saying things in prayer to MANIPULATE ENERGY. When you pray, you are in truth vibrating WITH the Divine Frequency of Eternal Light. Every other frequency listens and come-union and your asking be-comes receiving. Now, that we’re are being for-given “Prayer BE- Comes Wisdom”, this means, that before your THOUGHT (Love) be-comes THING (Gratitude), Wisdom HOLDS (Pause) the sum-total of vibrations of come-union, till YOU come-union with the Twin Flame frequency within your-self (Just for info, with the activation yesterday and the full-moon tomorrow in Power is Us (Action.Emotion), you are going to be-come HOW, Gratitude is Us communicates with Power is Us and RECEIVE the River (Flow/Faith) of Wisdom (According to your Earth Kingdom needs and wants), the Love and Gratitude you seek to be-come the Manifest.Evolution (ME) of Us.Energy. As you continue “Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom”, you will notice, that over a period of continuum of holding (Pause) with the Thought of Things or Things of Thought, you will be-come the vibrational equivalent to it. However, be it known, that often times, because our awareness continues to be focused on the SEEN, because we are human, our WANTS will continue evolving with every vibrational CHOICE we make, to RECEIVE or REJECT.

So, today, WRITE, MAKE THAT CALL, SHOW UP… just follow the WISDOM of your HEART/Earth being energised with “Presence” as Love and Gratitude be-come in union within you. It is OKAY to mourn if you must, because, every iota of your energy is coming into sync to awaken both Love and Gratitude within you and pour into your Earth Kingdom story.

Prayer Be-Comes Wisdom, on HOW Love and Gratitude for the THOUGHT be-comes THING.


I just am so awed, now I see the data coming together so beautifully, 18 months of continuing to allow Being Gratitude to lead the way and sometimes, being so wrapped up in my CHALLENGES, I feel like, “Why are you wasting your time? People don’t read your posts, people do not read original content. Oh! There is so much you can do with this talent, that write.” … Right now, this month, I am so grateful I did not give up even when I had more reason to… so glad. I remember, when I first wrote the Knewmerology post, the numbers had been speaking to me for a while … I prayed to be given words to share  the magic I experienced, and yet, to this day, the vibrations of numbers I see everywhere, reflect the Knew Number patterns so clearly, it is obvious, here’s what has happened for me, since “Being Gratitude”…. Adventure. I am like an AweStruck Energy Tourist here on Earth.

It is my personal BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence), that each of Us.Energy here on Earth, is all set to Be-Come the Divine Us.Energy of our Eternal Light origins, and so, the naturally falling apart of society, law, rules, traditions, sense of community, understanding of events … making way for the Re:Establishment of Eternal Light dominion here on Earth as it is in the Eternal.

I am excited about the fruition of this journey, the greatest being the inclusion of Twin Flame energy of Love & Gratitude being activated in all THINGS of the Earth. Just excited about the Eternal Creations of Eternal Light, exhaling the TwinFlames of Love and Gratitude into the Emotion and Action of the Planet. Excited that Wisdom, will guide our Love and Gratitude awareness, here on Earth… that in a way, every-being of Earth Origin will FEEL Love and Gratitude through Wisdom and this is brilliant news for all of us.


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