How to BEGIN your TWIN FLAME union… “Presence”

Love & Gratitude Be-Come Presence of TwinFlame awareness within All THINGS of Earth. So.It.Is

I am still trying to get into sync with how phenomenal this energy union is going to impact the planet we live on, when every being of Eternal Light re:turn HOME to Eternal Light. and this does not mean “death”, it just means, that the frequencies of Gratitude and Love that YOU are born with re:unite/fuse within you. this is also significant, since Love declares Gratitude is ALL THING to ALL THOUGHT that is LOVE. Which means, that all that you LOVE you are Grateful for and all that you are Grateful for is LOVE and when they take over the Subconscious (Thought) and Conscious (Gratitude), you’re going to experience “Presence”/Balance/DivineOrder of all THINGS be-come THOUGHTS that fill you with LOVE. 

“Presence” is the dominant expression being used, to speak forth the Twin Flames of Love and Gratitude. This also means the decrease in the need for information about Twin Flame re-unions, surprise, it was never about a PARTNER of HUMAN orgins, the TWIN FLAME activation is the sum total of your own personal understanding of Love and Gratitude coming into sync and so, technically the search is over, no more having to make another human person FIT IN to our Fairytale. They who are awakened to the WISDOM of Love and Gratitude in union or Thoughts & Things in union WILL experience the exciting energy expansions.

Dreams are coming true, if you’ve been having thoughts about ANYTHING that makes you SMILE, yes, these things are now set to become real. This happens every now and again, just that this time, we’re looking at FORever more certainly that in any other era of being Earth.

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am” … That is PRESENCE. So, here’s some fun ways I am being clearly told is a good way to begin your own TwinFlame union journey. May I remind you, that I do not know, if you’re going to end up with a person, in a place or acquire a new THING, because of your TWIN FLAME experience, but yes, I can promise you that you will TRUST in the Joy.Clarity.Grace that you’ve be-come a perfect vibrational match of Love and Gratitude with THOUGHT or THING and the other will be added unto you… remember, frequencies are most attracted to the LIGHT… they KNOW they are of LIGHT origins and will find their way back to the LIGHT. This time, the path is in accordance to the Love and Gratitude they FOR-GIVE and FOR-GET.

Presence also means balance of Masculine and Feminine (Remember, Love is Masculine and Gratitude is Feminine), also, tells us most certainly, that the Feminine becomes THING for the first time since the beginning “Let there be LIGHT”.

The easiest way to step into the PRESENCE is to WRITE, CALL or SHOW UP fully loaded with a list of ALL things you LOVE and ALL thoughts you are grateful for…


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