Twin Flames Be-Comes Presence

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Gratitude is Us Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Love

Friday: Gratitude is Us. 7. 7. 2017: Love. Communication. Forgiveness Eternal Light Imagination Love. Love be-comes Thought, Gratitude Be-Comes Things, establishing the TwinFlame energy at the Highest Level of Being. This means, the re:pairing is in the works in the Womb of Thought of all vibrations. Explains why Forgiveness Love and Gratitude are so active today. I am re:minded to share with you that TwinFlame Unions have begun occurring, on Earth Kingdom as they are in the Eternal Kingdom and so, the energies on  Earth will experience shifts, Gratitude-Action (Embrace) and Love-Emotion (Alchemy) also explains HOW power-fueled this day is as Action.Emotion celebrate TwinFlame Communication.

As the masculine and feminine energies begin attunement to the TwinFlames, here’s what it means for the collective energy of the Earth. This union occurs at all levels,  and so, with you, Love and Gratitude have be-come ONE energy. This is the first step of your inner healing, that has occurred, today, for the first time since the BEGINNING, all of EARTH experiences the INNER UNION of PRESENCE of Love & Gratitude, of Gratitude in Love and Love in Gratitude. Their UNION will NOW be known as the “Presence”. When you use the word “Presence” you are in-truth, consciously summoning the TwinFlame energy to work in you and with you. So.It.Is

TwinFlame of Love and Gratitude – Presence – activates the Temple of Trust (Heart/Earth) with Joy.Clarity.Grace of the balance of the masculine.feminine within you. This is also a sign that when you come in union with Presence, you will begin to consciously experience, notice the Love & Gratitude Union in all things of Earth.

The shift in the sub-consciousness of the Earth Kingdom, fully supported by consciousness of Thought.Action and Thing.Emotion.

Love Speaks:

I know, you wish this could’ve occurred earlier, it did, a long time ago, when we, Love and Gratitude first inherited the Earth and sowed the NOW with Forgiveness and declared that till Confidence.Wisdom chose to re:turn to Eternal Light, we would re:turn to Earth and be their expression. It is NOW.



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