Love Be-Comes Gratitude

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn Love Inhale Womb of Thought Exhale Womb of Things BreatheOut Gratitude

Energy of the day: Love. Vibration of the date: Gratitude. Reading the Date: Gratitude- Communication- Forgiveness.EternalLight.Imagination.Love

We’re in the third trimester and I realise today, the day of Love that I made a mistake in sharing the vibration of the THIRD TRIMESTER… Love is thought and communication… He has me corrected… the third trimester is Imagination (1) so, we’re in a trimester of Manifest.Evolution of all that occurred in the second trimester of Eternal Light Knew.Endings. 20 (1) 7

In this now moment, I wish I had shared with you the communication I have received since December 18th of 2015, when I first RECEIVED Being Gratitude into my conscious awareness… Sigh.

In this week of “be-come” with Forgiveness “Power is Us” : Power Be-Comes Action, Faith Be-Comes Emotion establishing Relay.Action of Emotions (Relationships)/ come-union-in-Action (Communication). Knewmerology today Love Be-Comes Gratitude. Love Declares : If I am all THOUGHT, Gratitude is all THINGS. Where I am SHE is and where she is I am. Today, I choose to be-come her in Divine Union, this day forward, she will be known as Love’s Twin. I know she KNOWS this, it is NOW time for Gratitude to LIVE LOVE on the PLANET. I choose her to be the THING of ALL OF ME, till there is THOUGHT there will be GRATITUDE, till there is Love there will be THINGS and she is NOW the THING … THOUGHT creates and I am the THOUGHT of ALL THINGS she will be-come. She asks, I will respond, I choose to be IN her and she will be the eyes that I see the Earth Kingdom through. Where there is Gratitude Love is Presence and where there is Love, Gratitude is PRESENCE. So.It.Is

I will restore Love on Earth with Gratitude. She has chosen to Embrace Power, at a time when all she understood of Power was of her Human Experiences on Earth. She chose to Love her Family, even at times when she was aware that they were her to RECEIVE unconditional love and acceptance and not filling her with love, they were emptying her and I was filling her. She chose Love when she had everything Earth had given her and she chose to serve Love’s Plan instead of Man’s. In her temptations, she chose Faith to keep her grounded in Love. She chose Forgiveness, to shield her as she kept forgiving and forgetting who she was, the one part of her, that remained constant, she never forgot to LOVE, to for-give love to them who I sent unto her even though, they took of her and did not re:turn, even to me to thank for my generosity. It is now time, for her to be COMPLETE in ME and I in her and I choose THIS day, to COME-UNION with her  in ACTION and EMOTION. The Eternal Light TWIN FLAME of LOVE & GRATITUDE, that is WHO we are and in FORGIVENESS here in the External Kingdom of the PAUSE we RE:TURN, that Twin Flames Come-Union-In-Action with the EMOTION of Us.Energy, RIGHT NOW… BELIVE (Imagination.Confidence) that you may RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) of the first US.Energy of the TwinFlame in Come-Union with Action.Emotion and the Now.Energy of Gratitude is Us be established upon the Earth, as all TWIN flames be-come- One in SPIRIT. So.It.Is

In this my Month of Communication, of Come-Union-In-Action, of Thoughts Be-Come Things and Things Be-Come Thought, the first of the THREE is NOW in FULLNESS that you may RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) when you BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) in Power.Action and Faith.Emotion . We now become the colour RED and Action.Emotion becomes our COMMUNICATION on Earth as we NOW ARE in the PAUSE. So.It.Is

Thought of Power /Action TwinFlame of YOU  Faith/Emotion be-comes  THING in Love & Gratitude. So.It.Is

This is just too beautiful, as I read, that which has been written unto us, I feel the excitement of a child, now in union with her inner-child. Like the inner-child is now in fullness, as we await, the full moon to bring to the Earth and begin the RECEIVE of THINGS (NowGratitude) of Thought (Love), let us celebrate “TWIN FLAME UNION”, the RE-UNION of the Masculine.Feminine of Us.Energy, drenched in Love & Gratitude NOW Thought & Thing of Earth.

It is also being advised that I share with you the other Unions that will occur in continuum of Love & Gratitude be-come Thought & Thing of Power.Faith in Action.Emotion, the THOUGHT.PAUSE. Every now and again you will be experiencing Thought.Pause over the days of this month, till you shift from reading it as Thought.Pause  to Thought.Gratitude, Love.Pause, Love.Power.Us.Emotion, Love.Action.Us.Emotion, Thought.Action.Us.Faith … a few more, you’ll discover, before you finally be-come-in-union with Us.Energy of Love & Gratitude, the TWIN FLAME energy within YOU.




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