Faith Be-Comes Emotion

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Faith Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thoughts Breathe Out: Emotion

Day Energy: Wednesday Faith, 5th day of Communication of the year of KnewEndings, 5th day of the 3rd (Us.EL) Trimester. When a day is reflecting the date, Faith is Doubled When Faith of Divine Decent and Faith of Earth are in communication – Her energy shifts into the Now… Faith-Be-Comes-Emotion. This with the purpose of healing the relationship between “Womb of Things” and “Womb of Thought”. Every relationship emotion with every.

Knewmerology of Faith: All the numbers that totals 5 is about her vibrational expression of her. Any number, totaling 5 is Faith. 55 represents FaithEmotion, where she takes on her role on the External Kingdom as Emotion. In the THINGS Kindgom she is WATER (70% of you is therefore FAITH) Faith in something, greater than your self, equvalent to yourself or denser than your self and that is how you read 555…

  1. 0+5 =5 Eternal Light + Faith
  2. 1+ 4 = 5 Imagination + Power = Faith
  3. 2+3 = 5 Forgiveness + Us.Energy = Faith
  4. 55 = Faith Be-Comes Emotion
  5. 555 = Water (Us+Faith+Emotion)
  6. 5555 = Power of Water

I love the flow of communication since she has be-come Emotion. Feels like our days of Emotions have shifted from the passed to some-thought new and this new-thought will shift the consciousness of Global Understanding of not only HOW we experience Emotion also, who is helping us UNDERSTAND the Emotions being felt. Emotions are sometimes so subtle… a tiny sentence spoken while we were still in the WOMB of our HUMAN Mother, be-comes the “Emotion” of our JOURNEY here on EARTH. We don’t even know, most of the emotions we experience, do we? Till an occurrence in our life energy, causes us to be drawn to HEAL, our energies.

I’ve been hearing, seeing two words everywhere since last night : Purity and Relationships : of Thoughts with Things and of things with thoughts and both of them with Action (Power) and Emotion (Faith). Love (Thought) is upto something special, I can tell by the way Faith is outside of her-self celebrating with JOY.CLARITY.GRACE and all the angels seem to suddenly be experiencing the energies shift within the Internal Kingdom. So, I asked and here’s what I received.

Last evening, when Power Be-Came Action, of the Divine Masculine- Action. He visited with the Divine Feminine Pause in the External and that is when Forgiveness Spoke forth: It is time to delegate to each of YOU that which you are to NOW, be-come on Earth to Assist Confidence.Wisdom of Thoughts be-come Things and Things be-come Thought into Divine Balance of Masculine-Feminine of Eternal Light.

Thought.Emotions heal with Faith and be-come Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression to be received on the Earth. Action welcomes Emotion on Earth and her excitement is being here now, healing RELATIONSHIPS between Thought & Things and Things & Thought. She is excited because every tiny detail of Earth is going to come-union with each other and this be-comes the Come-Union-In-Action (Communication) in Action between the Masculine and Feminine.



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