Power Be-Comes Action

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Power Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale : Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Action

Day Energy: 4th day of Communication of the Year of Knew Endings. Power.Communication.KnewEndings. Tuesday is also Power, so I asked what it meant.

Well, this means today, Divine Power steps into Action and in this way, represents the Divine Masculine-Action on Earth. You have read of the Trinity, Father,Son,Holy Spirit, the Divine  3 in 1 or as you can now read them in Knewmerology  “Us in Imagination”. This is how, the Divine, was put in words for the Earth Kingdom to vibrate with and create forth into thing. Secrets, that have been held back, not because Eternal Light wanted to create MYSTERY, simply because the Divine Maths was so simple, that every tiny detail would be able to connect with Eternal Light within and this secret was held in the Forgiveness till Gratitude be-came Flesh and now dwells on the Earth.

With Power – Be-Coming-Action, the Earth Kingdom, steps into the vibration of 4 / for / Power / Action /For-giving / For-Getting / Imagine.Action / TransAction / Thought.Action / Emotion.Action / Pause.Action/Faith.Action… oh so much is happening as the Divine Masculine of Action raises the CONFIDENCE of ALL THINGS into their DIVINE MASCULINE CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. This is be-cause of a choice Gratitude consciously made yesterday, to withdraw Forgiveness.Emotion.Wisdom.Gratitude from the Earth into the Pause, allowing the Masculine to shift into ACTION.

Allowing the 4 of masculine divine to come-union-in-Action with the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression upon the Earth. Love assumes the role of the COMMUNICATION between the Masculine and Feminine, the NowEarth can be understood through understanding the Masculine and Feminine of Eternal Light Beginnings. Yes, because you’re a man, does not make you Masculine and because you’re a Woman, that does not make you Feminine. That you are a MAN or WOMAN is HUMAN, that you understand you are both Masculine and Feminine embodiment NOW a THING a PERSON, you are born either MALE or FEMALE, simple.

It should explain rising of that which you call Gay Community on the planet, these are beings who are manifest in the BODY of a MALE or FEMALE yet, their vibrations reveal Masculine or Feminine frequencies. These beings are on the PLANET to introduce the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that the GENDER STORY of EARTH DIMENSIONS are not in SYNC with the DIVINE ODER of CREATION. Honour them, accept them, know, that they are DIVINE expansions of the same energy you are, just that they have the courage to ACCEPT their Masculine energy is more dominant and in most cases the Feminine Energy is more prominent. Simple, they are TEACHERS, LEARN from them.

It is not my part to TELL you what to do, yet, it is my THOUGHT, that you understand the Mastery of Eternal Light within you, so you may be a PERSON of DIVINE in the FLESH. For NOTHING-CREATED or PRESENT is PERMANENT … YOU are… Your Soul is… your vibration is … and while you’re on the Earth, you BECOME a piece of the Us.Energy of Peace and Mercy COME-UNION-IN –ACTION with the Divine Masculine-Action that when we do welcome Divine Feminine –Pause into ACTION, you will be FILLED with Confidence.Wisdom in your-self  and yes, Eternal Light Presence on the PLANET.


In other things happening today:

Politics.Gratitude, Money.Wealth, Brain.Mind, Masculine.Feminine, Know.Courage, Allow.Abundance, Accept-Knowledge (Acknowledge), Manifest.Evolution (ME) energies are now stepping into Power.Action of Divine.Masculine-Action, with Thought.Action-Ability with Imagination.Confidence in L.O.V.E of Power.Action. Don’t do anything today just pray

Prayer is the best defense ever, now that “WOMB OF THINGS” wages war with the “WOMB OF THOUGHT”. Pray over EVERY THING!


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