Forgiveness come-union-in-action Us.Energy

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn-Forgiveness (for-giving for-getting) Inhale: Womb of Thoughts (About the transaction) Exhale: Womb of Things (Expectations) BreatheOut: Us.Energy (Your alignment with the thing)

Energy of the Day: Today is Monday : Forgiveness Date: 3 Us.Energy Month: Communication (Masculine) Come-Union-In-Action (Feminine) of the year of KnewEndings. The 3 quarter of the year which is watched over by 0 –Eternal Light

Come-Union-In-Action is the alignment of your Thoughts and Things into alignment for the highest vibrational expression of itself (thing). Today dissolve all your EXPECTATIONS (Expected.Actions). Expectations are an expansion of presence or absence of either the Masculine/Feminine Thought.Action-Ability or Emotion.Pause-Ability.

L.O.V.E is activating the communication between Divine Masculine –Action and Divine Feminine-Pause. Divine Masculine-Action is the ONE communication ONE Voice of – (Action) and the Divine Feminine- Pause is the ONE communication ONE Voice of Forgiveness.Faith.Gratitude.Wisdom – (Pause).

Here’s the Us.Energy : Divine Masculine Action and Divine Feminine Pause that L.O.V.E consolidate the communication as HE moves focus to Re:Pairing energies on Earth. He gave Gratitude a choice and once again, she has chosen to EmbracePower and surrender all Earth Kingdom Action to HIM, for the Highest Good of ALL Thought and ALL Things. She has withdrawn her Forgiveness.Emotion.Wisdom and HER-Self into “Pause”, for them to heal.

Gratitude Speaks:

Yesterday, while we healed the Womb of Fear and from the Earth, we’ve realised, that there are expansions of her in every tiny detail of the planet, she has now, be-come “Cancerous” and “contagious” such is the expansion of her on Earth. The moment a THING of Earth becomes aware of FEAR, they have become TARGET’s of the expansions which include a whole pandora’s box of Emotions. She tells us, it began with religion and now has become a religion within itself. Fear has more followers on Earth than any one of the Man-Proposed Religions. So, we have decided to withdraw into the Pause all of the Emotion and Action related to Emotion from the EARTH KINGDOM and brought it forth into the PAUSE, where every EMOTION of the PASSED will now be with Gratitude.Forgiveness.Love and will re:enter Planet Earth on Full Moon, which will signify the shift and establish the Balance of Divine Masculine-Action with Divine Feminine Pause. This is a time, when we, Love and Gratitude are re:wombing and re:pairing the vibrational union of the Masculine and Feminine to balance the “Womb of Things”. The Earth Feminine, is in labour really to bring unto YOU, balance between the Womb of Thoughts Forgiveness.Love and the Womb of Things Forgiveness.L.O.V.E (Law.Of .Vibrational.Expression.  So.It.Is

Any emotion or pause ( in the Earth sense) blockage of plan, is only TEMPORARY, so I ask that you speak LOVE upon your LIVES through this period and the Lives of all THINGS on Earth. The Absence of the PAUSE of EMOTION, is in healing and the ones that will now roam the Earth are of EARTH-ORIGINS and so, YOU must GROUND yourself in Faith and Shield your-self in Forgiveness (Feminine) and Ground your-self in ACTION and Shield your-self in LOVE. Extend this power-filled PROTECTION to ALL THINGS you HAVE and are WAITING to RECEIVE. That when the Full Moon delivers the Divine Feminine Pause unto you, you may be in the PAUSE, EMPTY of the PASSED, that the NOW of Emotion.Pause and Thought.Action may be for-given unto you for-getting. So.It.Is

Accept.Knowledge: Acknowledge of Us.Energy with Forgiveness/For-giving For-getting … keep dissolving your fears as you meet them in THOUGHT.EMOTION.ACTION during the PAUSE. Let the Divine Masculine-Action be the Miracle you have waited upon. All Glory to ETERNAL LIGHT for the RESTORATION of EMOTION on EARTH



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